July 5, 2011


This is a fairly recent discovery for me 'cause I had never heard anything from Charlotte Gainsbourg before last week. I found this bird on lastfm and took quite a shine to her debut single entitled Heaven Can Wait, whose video, as far as I've read, bounced around the interwebs and caused a sensation a year and a half ago. I must be in limbo for not having seen it before, huh? What is more, the song features Beck, so I dunno why I overlooked it.

FMPOV, Heaven Can Wait is one of the liveliest tracks in Charlotte's entire discography despite the slow pace, so imagine how the rest of the tunes sound! In fact, one could think that the SoCal rebel helped divert the Parisian from the hyper-mega-quiet singer-songwriter style. In the video, the two of them meander through a world of slo-mo full of visual non sequiturs. This is a sampling of random images from the clip that make me step back and say "WTF?!?!" : games of fruit baseball, a naked guy adding breakfast cereal to his bath, weird creatures in an everyday context, giant acorns, a spaceman with a pancake-stack head, flying axes and a skateboard with hamburgers for wheels. You might think I just revealed the strangest parts but it doesn't even scratch the surface.

Heaven Can Wait

Hey, doesn't it remind you a little bit of the short films for El Guincho's Bombay and Battles' Ice Cream we saw the other day? 

Gee! I'll need to seek out more bizarre videos containing fuckin' surreal scenes that have never crossed my mind. My curiosity's been sufficiently piqued at this point. Tell me your recos in the comment section below, pls.

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