July 15, 2011

The Flight From Hell

Friendly Fires have recently premiered the video for their new single Hawaiian Air, off their recent sophomore album, Pala. Ok, for me it's not the most poignant of songs, but this band just knows how to create that feel-good tune. The clip is pretty good too. It features frontman Ed MacFarlane undergoing the rigors of being squashed into some distinctly lower class seating. Couldn't his label have paid out to upgrade the poor chap? Bratty children, horny newlyweds, a man sleeping on one's shoulders, the three-piece sitting… Ugh! I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it.

Anyone afraid of flying will definitely want to look away when things get shaky at the midway point. In that case, you should go directly to minute 2.30 when, SPOILER ALERT, there is reward for Ed upon his arrival to Hawaii.

According to them, the clip was shot in the South of Spain due to the limited budget! Must have saved all their moolah for the latter half of the video, though.

Warning: I truly recommend you don't watch it if you are trying to avoid jealous "holiday destination" rage.

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