Introducing my blogging partners who give their time unselfishly to this project. Click on their names to read their corresponding full published articles.


Music trends hunter. He always makes me fall in love with the bunch of bands he introduces me to - and this exchange is endless!

His first steps in the industry were taken in Club Fauna, a major producer of independent music events based in Santiago, which also promotes many underground outfits all over the country.  

He's the cofounder of R.E.E.L, a DJ duo that shows up, sets up and spins records, with the aim of proposing a soundtrack based on house and disco, ranging from classics to what's hot on the week.

His role in irrelephant is releasing new bands from Hispanic America. He has also conducted some interviews with international artists, such as Flight Facilities or Bedroom.



We live more than 500 kms away from each other but it seems that our minds are connected at every moment. 

Pharmacist by profession, she runs a well known blog in this area. However, she was looking for a little corner to write about what she likes the most: music, and irrelephant was the place to publish reviews of every concert and festival she attends. 

We both share an unconditional love for Scandinavian music, and she is one of the people who provides me with great new music from emerging indie bands in Catalonia.

In the pic, you can see her lying on the floor while taking notes in one of the festivals covered on this blog.



MA in English and American Literature. She's now working in a culture and arts foundation as an organisation staff.

Passionate about people and different cultures. During the last years, she has lived in several countries around the world; which can explain her extremelly eclectic taste in music.

Indispensable in this blog because thanks to her, the little pachyderm reinforces a more international character. Having born in a country which is the gateway between Europe and Asia, her musical influences by artists from a wide range of genres, are completely vast, even able to introduce electronic music with a base of Arabic.


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