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Can you imagine the statuettes if this blog would award prizes? They would be like this one!


Happy First Birthday!

Today is a memorable day cuz this little pink pachyderm turns ONE. All the efforts over the last year have been REWARDED and the favorable reception and involvement from the lurkers has BY FAR exceeded my expectations. Seriously, I'm so THRILLED! I'd like to thank my friends who have supported and encouraged me in this project, (especially Álex and Irene), and my very first followers who have become really special people in my life (JuergenCristinaAnna, Marina, Claudio and Jose). This would NOT have been possible without ALL you!

This is the elephant-shaped cake covered with rolled fondant I made to celebrate this blog bday. Look at it thoroughly. Irrelephant already has his first teeth!


As an avid origami folder, I wanted to pay a tribute to Irrelephant and its distinct pink pachyderm in HRG. This cute sculpture is the spitting image of the logo, dontcha think? Alrite, folks, headphones are missing! ROLF. It has been created from a single sheet of paper without glue and it took me over forty minutes. Pay attention to the little tail. Hope you like it!


A sign of identity for Irrelephant was urgently necessary, so I asked my beloved friend Álex Brau to help me with a logo design, an icon, in short, a graphical symbol for this hipster pachyderm. 

Thus, we got down to work immediately, having in mind that the elephant should be pink and wear horn-rimmed glasses, depicting the indie culture and the kind of music featured in the blog. It occurred to me that the animal should be inside a Looney Tunes-ish circle to limit the figure and Álex thought about including an mp3 and huge headphones to make it clear that Irrelephant is a super duper big fan of music. Complaints, criticism and multiple changes were constant throughout the project: childish drawings, pointed ears, small trunks, rigid arms, gaudy colors... but finally we got it. Here you have the evolution of this this great work of art:

Click here to find further stuff from Álex.

I also wanna thank Daniel Belchi, a graphic designer passionate about brand identity, who helped me working on a logo inspiration. Press his name in bold letters to visit his website. You'll see some gems hiding in their graphic design job board!


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Gracias por la mención, guapísima :)