December 31, 2011

Up At Midnight (City)

Given that this post will be the last one I publish this year, a great video is in order. However, don't build up your hopes cuz surely you've seen it (hundreds of times). 

In fact, today's featured song is from the French musical outfit known as M83, whose Midnight City heads up my list of the year's best vids.

Seriously, I'm in love with every single part of this video, beautifully shot and paced. And I really like how music videos are becoming three-or-four-minute-long cinematic affairs. In this case, the clip follows a small group of kids with supernatural abilities escaping their trapped situation, running through the woods to get to an old factory building where they prove their freaky special powers to bust shit up. Still I'm not sure if in the end of the clip they force the sun to go down very quickly or if they just stand there for quite a while. One thing is clear: You better not mess with these brats!

Aiight. I have done research on this dreamy, super hero inspired story and it's a definite ode to the sci-fi film Village of the Damned (1960), a perfect clash of culture and cool. Also, it seems to be inspired by some other movies such as Carrie (1976), The Fury (1978), Stephen King's Firestarter  (1984) and The Gift  (2000). I'm pretty sure you'll start to feel interested in these psychokinesis movies after watching those gripping trailers (click on film titles). So rush ahead and grab one!

But before that, if you are one of the few who have been on another planet for the last three months and haven't seen the visuals from the crazy dope track yet, check them out below and let me know what you think!

Hey! This is supposed to be a special post, the latest in 2011, innit? Alright, then it seems to me rather weak. Don't you think so? That's the reason why I've been searching the Internet for some strange-videos-with-strange-children-doing-strange-things and that is what I finally found. Now you must be patient and wait until the end to see the superpowers.

Oh, by the way, 2012 is almost here! Only a few hours left... Up at Midnight (City). Thus, before I forget... HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks! I hope you're able to keep to your goals for the coming year. My personal 366 day challenge (this is a leap year) is writing more and better articles. Let us hope so. I'll at least give it a try!

Great big crow kisses to all of you!!

December 26, 2011

Passengers On Board

Flight Facilities have been stirring up a fuss for a couple of years thanks to some uber-tasty and catchy remixes. However, I must confess I didn't hear anything from them until I got a special reco direct from Chile. So I decided to pop this in and voilà.

The identity of the great artists behind this outfit remains mysterious and there's no chance of prying that information out of them. 

All I've been able to glean from Internet searching is that they're an Australian based production duo, and they named themselves Flight Facilities because they're both aeronautical engineers at Sydney Airport. But Jack and Meg White said they were siblings, so who knows if they are telling the truth!

Crave You, their successful sleepy-eyed debut, was launched nearly a year ago. This track, about unobtainable love, full of lust and sex -ermm, I mean, SAX-, has an official video with a girl that looks very much like a boy and a girl that very much looks like a girl. Lovely.

Nevertheless, my fave one is the recently-released Foreign Language, a equally smooth and groovy tune whose vid takes back us to 70's era bombshells with a trailer-style montage of speedboat driving, gun-slinging,  bikini wearing, mustache donning and enjoyably melodramatic glances at the camera. Watching this mixture of James Bond, Baywatch and Miami Vice references made me forget I was watching a music video.


December 22, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

Xmas is a trying time for most with the return of the same old TV line-ups, compilation albums and lovely tasty food we should avoid if we don't want to gain extra weight. But for people living far apart from their family members and friends, it's even more of a challenge.

This is my tracklist for these crazy days of hustle and bustle, apocalyptic reunions and toing and froing around airports, roads and ports with a common aim: coming back home, sweet home.

December 12, 2011

The Bogeyman

Vetusta Morla is easily among the frontrunners for album of the year in Spain (so far). But what I find most compelling about this six-member rock band is the seemingly endless energy in their incredible live shows. I've seen them in two nearly two-hour-long gigs and I have no words to say how fairly mesmerizing they are on stage, charming the audience with their banter and charisma.

As much as I'm a fan of music videos, I'm also quite fickle. They need to instantly grab my attention, entice me to want to see more. They can't just rely on a nice tune or some special effects. I want the whole package! And the real fact is that Vetusta Morla's motion pictures are always fully shabby. Nevertheless, the fast-paced B&W clip for their song El Hombre Del Saco (aka The Bogeyman), is definitely somewhat disconcerting and weird, but it contains an underlying message about the current economic situation and the thriving cult of greed and power. Ah, don't worry if you can not understand a word of the lyrics in Spanish; the images speak for themselves.

Take a peek below!


If you don't want them to leave you hanging too long, go to Spotify already.

December 4, 2011


Wow, the time is just flying by and we're diving headfirst into the month of December. 

Thus, what do you think will be the best band to listen to these days? Of course, The DecemberistsThis Is Why We Fight is definitely my fav cut from this outfit's latest offering, The King Is Dead, an album that reminds me of early R.E.M. records, probably because Peter Buck helped with it.

The "Lost Boys" from the movie Hook ended up finding their way into this post-apocalyptic clip. You'll see what I mean once you watch it but basically, it features a bunch of kids playing out a story of oppression and passive resistance before standing up for themselves.

Hit play below!