December 4, 2011


Wow, the time is just flying by and we're diving headfirst into the month of December. 

Thus, what do you think will be the best band to listen to these days? Of course, The DecemberistsThis Is Why We Fight is definitely my fav cut from this outfit's latest offering, The King Is Dead, an album that reminds me of early R.E.M. records, probably because Peter Buck helped with it.

The "Lost Boys" from the movie Hook ended up finding their way into this post-apocalyptic clip. You'll see what I mean once you watch it but basically, it features a bunch of kids playing out a story of oppression and passive resistance before standing up for themselves.

Hit play below!


Anonymous said...

¡¡¡me flipa el álbum entero!!!

kurrukata said...

Me alegra que te guste tantísimo el último álbum! :)

Alguien said...

Muy bueno! Me lo apunto :):)

Daniel said...

I really love your blog.
Regards from Quebec.

JT_Hos said...

me encantó el video, no lo había visto!