December 30, 2012

Eastern Breeze Continues

It has always been a great relief to write, particularly about music. Writing about a band rooted from the lands and melodies you were born into is quite another thrill.

So, it's a pleasure to present you people Norrda; a Turkish rooted indietronica band. They appear to be idle at present; yet they remain an outstanding figure on the Turkish alternative music scene. 

Since the 2007 release of their first (and only) album Infitine Face, their music has encapsulated audiences through its marriage of eastern instruments with western electronica tones. Whilst this is not new, Nordda beats feel like an oriental descendence upon western skies, it is not hard to call what they are doing as ‘knowing no limits’.

Each member has another musical project on the go, some in different genres than the Norrda sound. When Deniz Cuylan (the lead musician of another electronical band from Turkey: Portecho) met Hakan Vreskela (the percussionist in Norrda, now performing solo) in Sweden, they decided to produce music together. After joining Selen Hünerli (performing in Nada, another precious musical duo producing in alternative genre) to the group, they were all ready to go. 

Enjoying the multi-culturality both in attitude and sound, their lyrics are in English, simple and profound. Striving for a calmer attitude of the ego before an 'infinite face', pointing at a unity – both as body and soul, speaking of insights and dreams, being an individual trying to make his way out in the crowds... Familiar to what we are generally concerned, isn't it? That seems to be another factor that makes their music international and 'forever young'. With Selen Hünerli's beautifully smooth voice, it all becomes a great joy. 

Let's zip up for the sound now! Their great Infinite Face greets you with its nine very good tracks. I may not be as objective as I want to, but I will go and advice you not to miss out on Norrda as they have been a refreshing musical discovery for the Turkish audience also. We still hope to hear more from them. Fingers crossed!

Here are some more tunes from the album for you to taste:

December 26, 2012

Eastern Breeze

WOAH! Selin, my friend from Turkey, hit the nail on the head! 

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to a band called Gevende, best known for their trademark style they call psychedelic-folk, which travels through the sound of Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey. 

Since their formation in 2000, the outfit has performed at several prestigious festivals around the world and has been awarded for their works many times.

In September 2006, they hit the road for a musical journey which influenced their music and affected their lives forever. They took a route through Iran, Pakistan, India, to Nepal where they shared their music with local artists and experienced a musical interaction with those lands, which was a lifetime experience for sure. In fact, Gevende's musical taste consists of collected pieces from every place they go, all the music they listen to, every culture they touched and make a fusion which can be loved by the people of all lands. 

Frolic rhythms and somber melodies go hand in hand when they are playing. You don't have to know Turkish to enjoy their lyrics. They are usually made up, meaningless handful of words. Yep, that's it. They use a language which belongs to nowhere. It is an imaginary mixture or phonetic imitation of the world languages so that everyone could find a word or a sound of his/her own. On stage, they make a music which has no boundaries. That's great, innit?

Their upbeat and vibrant sound is always open for improvisation, so their show always tends to be one-of-a-kind. This performance is particularly good, cause it was shot in a 'madrasah' (kind of an academy in the islamic world) with a great acoustic. So, this one has an enigmatic charm. Seriously, absolutely fabulous!

December 21, 2012

Hello Earthlings

Although I know that it's almost impossible for one to express thoroughly the dearest things to heart, surely I would just go and try for this one. Skywatchers and their two year old Handbook have been an irreplaceable musical discovery in my life from the moment I heard their exceptional tunes and beautiful poetry. So now, though I really do not want to turn this into a 'personal story of a discovery', I should admit that it's not easy just to give a brief outline of this infinite journey. 

Let's see. They originally come from England's a far and surely a cloudy town. We do not know how they managed to fall on the confused and crowded streets of a middle-eastern city, with what myths to walk on. Let's not take interest in this part of the story. While Kevin Pearce, calls himself 'a gifted troubadour', had kept on taking the 'sky watchers' feet off the ground with his experimental electronic band, I Monster, he came across an old observatory on the hills of Derbyshire he says and continues: 

<< Skywatchers have an album. It is called The Skywatchers Handbook. It is a story of escape from gravity of the Earth to the weightlessness of space. It begins in a field of lonely Victorian flowers. Electronic and scientific pulses cross-pollinate with the vibrations of bucolic wooden instruments. The old and the new. The wood and the alloy.>>

Extremely convinced to experience this escape, we start our journey with Dead Flowers for Her. Coming down this beautifully sad scenery of a Victorian valley, we are evoked and may be even changed for love. We surely are ready to smell some more from this story.

Then they strike with The Curious Village, whistling very gently: 'Open your minds to darkness!'. Agreed. Village is followed by Rhythm of Ashes, a personal favorite. It is a pile of powerful musical arrangement and a precious story to 'shake' a daydreamer's rare imagery. 

Serves Me Right. We're already in the capsule, we're speeding up. Our heads go so high that we never want to come down to earth. Truly. 

Then The Lunar Tune surrounds us. We are looking for reasons to stay in this very pretty scenery. So delicate, gentle. If the tip of the nose aches with the spell of the dream, it is perfectly fine.

They ask on purpose now: << Do You Want to Go to Space, Young Man? >> Here, young man, in this scary infinity, do you really think you could last? Alone and infinite? The answer is given: << Let's go further. We may not be alone as we think we are. >>

Ever Felt the Sky? How "not alone" are we? If there are enough of us, let's not wait, let's go! Because, you know, we can learn about going away while we are on the road, no? And so we arrive to the Small Lights. A great vision to rest before we start hearing the drums again.

Ever Felt the Sky? by Skywatchers on Grooveshark
Small Lights by Skywatchers on Grooveshark 

Drums usher in for the last words: Keep Watching the Sky. The mark of the story.. We're here, in the nameless place where hopes, dreams and many other possibilities reside. This journey we've been in is far beyond comprehension and we are sure that this is not the ending at all. Thankfully, we know, this peculiar destination has a lot more  to show to a curious mind.

Keep Watching the Sky by Skywatchers on Grooveshark

All in 36 minutes, 50 seconds. Really, how many hours did it take Felix to reach Stratosphere? Since 2010, the story of some lucky people is only 36 minutes and 50 seconds. It is spun with delicate notes and turned into tender poetry with the hands of some gifted imaginations. And now what is left for us is to remember, be grateful and get ready again for the on-coming winter. Remember it with curiosity and hope. Love the sky and the ones that make you watch it from a closer stage.

With deep love from the outer space.

November 26, 2012

They Only Have To Hold The (Koda)Line

You may have seen Kodaline's All I Want on YouTube. Almost a quarter of a million people have. Not exactly Gangnam Style statistics, but still, pretty impressive for a debut single. It's the lead track from the Dublin quartet's EP and the video is a real tear-jerker, a beauty-and-the-beast melodrama with a happy ending (don't be rude). On first listen, Bon Iver came to mind, as All I Want is filled with beautiful harmonies and melancholy lyrics of lost love and heartache. The video will definitely tug at your heartstrings and captures the essence of the songs so perfectly. If you don't cry or at least get misty-eyed watching it, you're dead inside. You're a hollowed out husk of a human being. You're probably not even a human being. Watch, weep, re-watch. 

With an album due out early next year, these boys could be set for a very big 2013. We're gonna hear a lot more from this band. You'll see!

November 19, 2012


The one thing we all undergo at some point or another is a childhood. And after that, every belt-notch year leading up to a fully-realized adulthood. As an adult, we often think of nothing but our youth; what we did right or wrong, or might have done differently. In youth, we didn't cherish time as we do now because we had no concept of it. This is a trope deeply imbedded in humanity and a facet of the human condition. Many an author has written a novel or poem about it. And many a musician, as well, has written a song about it. Here you have a list of those songs in your music library.

November 2, 2012

Loads Of Love (LOL)

Most of you are always asking me for Spanish indie bands. Today is the day. You already know that I tend to listen more music in English, not in my language. So consider this an isolated "incident". TBH, here's a post I should have done ages ago but it took seeing this band live to kick my arse into the gear and write this article. BTW, great gig in the very best company! :))))

In addition, this band has recently released an eye-catching video (I can hardly describe or qualify it). So there's no excuse for not introducing you these guys with such a suggestive name: Love Of Lesbian. Those who have Googled "hot lesbian blondes having fun" can already leave this website. Sorry to disappoint you, dudes.

Si Tú Me Dices Ven  is a well-known anthem by Los Panchos, a Latin pop trio famous for its romantic ballads and boleros. Ok, as you can imagine, it's not my cuppa. Nevertheless, this is a tune with a great tradition in my country. The last word, <ven>, is pronounced as  <Ben>. So that explain the funny title of the song by the Spaniards: Si Tú me Dices Ven, Yo Digo Affleck. There are several more examples of word-plays on their track titles (you know how I love these phonetic mix-ups!), such as Houston, We've Got A Poem or Te Hiero Mucho -I Hurt You A Lot- (instead of "Te Quiero Mucho", -I Love You A Lot-). [Ouch, buddies. Dunno if it all makes sense since puns are not the same in different languages translation.]

Aiight, let's go with the video!

Tortilla = Spanish omelette. 
Tortillera = Spanish slang for lesbian, mainly used in a disparaging way.

There is an irrefutable fact: The pleasure of eating certain foods. Some of them even wake up our most primary instincts. That's exactly what happens when two of the characters featured in the clip wolf down a very special Spanish omelette. Dildo hats cornering a girl against a wall, a hand with raised two fingers appearing from a man with super hairy pelvis and parents suffocating their son for being gay, are just some of the symbols associated with homosexuality that you'll find in the following short movie.

The band has been together since 1997 and after three English-language albums, they decided to sing in Spanish (other similar outfits from the same area in the country, like Sidonie, did the same when realised that achieving some mainstream success abroad was not as easy as it might seem). But still and all, Love Of Lesbian reached their commercial peak in this first stage supporting great band names such as The Cure (in 2000) and making a tribute compilation to Echo & The Bunnymen covering Ocean Rain (pay attention to it by clicking the button below).

But, without hesitation, the most remarkable thing about this group is the brilliance of their art visuals from their previous long player, always starring the same couple. We'll become witnesses to their love story: since they get to work out their infatuation during a rock concert till the moment in which love between them is grown stale. Beautiful, innit? This is only a small sample of what I'm talking about:

Club De Fans De John Boy

Allí Donde Solíamos Gritar

Segundo Asalto

For those eager to find out more stuff like this, click on the Spotify icon.

October 30, 2012

Too Much, Beyond The Pale

A fresh new cut from a budding artist that is already making the Internet rounds while less than a couple of days after its release? Yep, sounds about right. Pale is the most recent exciting act to emerge. You'll see.

The first seconds of Too Much hint at a steady, slow burn electro lullaby, yet as the song evolves (and in particular when the vocals bounce in) it becomes a gem with a killer melody and a chorus that feels designed to embed itself into your brain for days. It's a great track, and hopefully it's not the first and last time that we hear from Pale cos there's something about it that makes me feel like it'd be the opening shot of something (too) much more grand.

There's a similarly striking video to go with the song, in which a figure embraces the act of being covered in nasty gooey paint. Check it out below. It reminds me of the short movie for Mud  by Peaches. Click the button after the jump to watch it (first video) and compare these two clips by your own.

Press here:

October 15, 2012

GP: Good Point

Never had I been a junky of the music from South America till certain someone made me love some Chilean indie bands.

What I bring you today is the brand new clip by Gepe, entitled En La Naturaleza (4-3-2-1), first single off his forthcoming album GP, which is a wild one (that countdown is not in vain). Daniel Riveros has a special talent for bending the sweet and melodic traditionalism of folk music to craft wholesome pop grace. Thus, if you're part of the crowd that still feels abrupted by Por La Ventana, you might want to surrender the purist mindset once and for all.


While not nearly as bright and festive as Por La Ventana, the video I'm introducing you today has similar framing and character focal points, while the darker color palette and layered footage adds texture and dimension. And, since Gepe's already done the natural setting thing in visual arts before, for this clip he established a clear boundary between the natural world and the manmade one. But, there's something else beyond here, my peeps. 

Music video production companies from Chile, one of South America's most conservative countries towards sex education, seem to have an elevated rate of sexual deviancy. Only a short glimpse at the lesbian french kiss featured in the clip and some other suggestive visuals from bands such as Astro or Dënver will be sufficient to understand what I'm talking 'bout. Anyway, I have no complaint whatsoever, huh? Hihihi. 

Okay, enjoy it and leave me your comments below. Gepe doesn't just swamp you, he brings you back up swooning in joy. So hit the play button already!

October 8, 2012

Eyes Speak For Themselves

Having been on a two year break, The Pass are now ready to unleash onto the world some more of their jovial, energetic and uplifting psychedelic synth-pop. The long-awaited release of their forthcoming longplayer, Melt, is due out earlier next month. The first single, entiled Without Warning, is just one of those tunes that won't let you sit still and makes you want to get to know these guys better. 

The very first time I listened to them, they sounded like Phoenix meeting Passion Pit if they were both messed up on acid. (Hahaha, I know. It does seem a little bit cruel). Nevertheless, the more I listened to it, the more apparent it became that The Pass are spectacularly unique. Not to mention their visual arts. Dudes, you're gonna be amazed by their brand new clip where they managed to cram the lyrics onto some eyelids before lining them up for their close up. Literally blinking-fast cuts that let the track's lyrics being revealed one at a time. It's a really fresh way to go about it. You'll never look at a lyric video the same way again. 

Check it out below and enjoy the delicious rush that is Without Warning. It's catchy, dance-inducing pop rock at its finest, so have the repeat button ready. You'll be on the lookout for more and I warn you: They have come to stay in your brain. 

October 4, 2012

Old Wave

I fell for Big Wave in a big way with the shoegaze melodies of the glistening Dying On The Vine (click here), so naturally I've been keen to see what the five-piece came up with next. Thankfully the wait for their following single hasn't been too long with their latest single, Only You.

As a huge fan of 80s and 90s twee pop, the thing that really struck me about it was just how sincerely devoted the band sounded to indie pop's past.

In the sea of lo-fi guitar pop bands, no other outfit was mining these sounds as distinctly. This isn't just another example of what has been popularized by WavvesTennis and Best Coast over the past couple of years. Even if it has a bit of the same upbeat, dizzy guitar riffs, punchy drums and charming vocal melodies, this female-fronted guitar pop aims for something more nostalgic, and perhaps timeless. Yup, they know a thing or two about dazzling with hooks. More than anything, the songs here have the perfect pop combination: the flash to catch your ear immediately and the substance to stick with you in the long-run. For any fans of this style, take a glance at the video down below, which features the band participating in a particularly unsettling bout of speed-dating. I'm quite sure you're gonna love it and you'll stay tuned for further tracks from their album!

September 21, 2012

FROGment Of A Story

Raise your hands here if you wouldn't like to be a frog after listening to this childish fairy-tale fantasy!

 M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

September 14, 2012


Hey! Super-duper-ultra-big thanks to all these super-duper-ultra-great bands that have dedicated super-duper-ultra-cool songs to this super-duper-ultra-badass blog! I know, I know, Irrelephant has left its MARK on you. [1313]. Or maybe it's the other way around. Hihi... You already know that anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. As you can see, those tunes and outfit names are related to elephants. Hence, they are relephant. My dear folks, I had nothing else to add!

September 6, 2012

The Post Of The Rings

(Yep, the original title for well-known movie has been changed for today.)

Metaphorically speaking, could we all wrap our ears around these gems of tracks. What are you waiting for getting your ideal piece of jewellery?

September 1, 2012

Motion T-Shirts

Something a little funky for the Saturday night build-up? Aiight. Here is my proposal: A tune that purrs with relentless, incandescent beats and street-savvy vocals. A cheeky, optimistic anthem with a knowing glint in its eye, luscious house-grooves and a charming summer sound.

Today I'd like to talk again about Just Jack and another of his awesome clips, Glory Days, where he combines animation and live action in a T-shirt focused short movie. This is something very similar to the popular video for Paris duo Justice's D.A.N.C.E.  Both were released at the same time (April 2007). So who copied who?

As a side note, there are 69 different T-shirts describing visual content from Glory Days  lyrics. As far as Justice is concerned, they were wearing blank ones and they did more than 500 designs on flat and 2-D graphics, which they had to animate (sorry for revealing the secret).

Just Jack - Glory Days

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

After these vids were launched, a list of funny starwars t-shirts appeared on the internet to great fanfare and consequently, loads of people making their own stories based on clothing illustrations. Here you have a great example, entitled T-shirt War  (click the button below). Haha, contrary to what it might seem, this is not about people bashing each other up with this kind of garments. You'll see now what I'm talking about. Ah! You should know that in this case, the designs were not photoshopped. They are real shirts for each frame of animation. Enjoy!

August 10, 2012

Audiolympics (VIII)

Come the last day of the Audiolympic Games, records will have been smashed, tears shed, dreams fulfilled and memories made. Yep, I'm sure you got the magic power of the music in you! Before the closing ceremony, Irrelephant has chosen three songs regarding to today's category: CYCLING. So get the survey on facebook by clicking here.

Cycling Trivialities by José González on Grooveshark 

Olympic Cyclist by Ballboy on Grooveshark

Superheroes of BMX by Mogwai on Grooveshark

August 9, 2012

Audiolympics (VII)

Penultimate day of the Audiolympic Games and a crowd sport, the one that ignites great passion in people, is played today: Yep, FOOTBALL. I am probably coming over as a grumpy old monster but yet for some reason it is fine for someone to walk up to all of you and publicly declare in your face that I h-a-t-e football. And, as you will see listen, Belle & Sebastian totally agree with me. What nice guys! Anyway, here you've got the tunes! Press the following link here to cast your votes.

Football Kids by Club 8 on Grooveshark

I Don't Want To Play Football by Belle and Sebastian on Grooveshark 

Football by Iggy Pop on Grooveshark

August 8, 2012

Audiolympics (VI)

Surfing the web? No, SAILING in fact! Remember we're celebrating the Audiolympics till next friday, August 10th, and you'll be able to preside over as referee at this exciting regatta. Just press here and rate your preferred anthem.

 Sailing Away by Travis on Grooveshark  

Sailing by Deerhunter on Grooveshark 

Sailing To Nowhere by Broken Bells on Grooveshark

August 7, 2012

Audiolympics (V)

The Audiolympic hangover? No way! It has barely started! Today is day five and BOXING championship is currently being held. Click here to cast your votes in the survey and decide which song deserves the Gold.

Boxing Champ by Kaiser Chiefs on Grooveshark 

Shadow Boxing by Yodelice on Grooveshark

Prison Boxing by Cataldo on Grooveshark

August 6, 2012

Audiolympics (IV)

We are right in the middle of the Audiolympic games and an important TENNIS match is being played today! Three songs will compete for the gold medal in this amazing final. Take the little quiz you'll find here and tell us which one you like the most. 

Tennis Elbow by Sky Sailing on Grooveshark 

Tennis by Hasmachot on Grooveshark

Tennis Party by Mr. Maps on Grooveshark

August 5, 2012

Audiolympics (III)

You already know the basics. Crowd control at the starting line and RUNNERS ready to sprint their way out. YOU decide to award gold, silver and bronze medals among these three tunes competing. Get set, go! 

Once you've decided on your choice, cast your vote here.

Running Up That Hill by Placebo on Grooveshark

Trouble Comes Running by Spoon on Grooveshark 

Tired Of Running by We Have Band on Grooveshark

August 4, 2012

Audiolympics (II)

Hey guys! Remember we're celebrating the very first musical Olympics and those three songs are struggling to get a gold medal. You can also be a referee in this funny competition. So, it's up to you! Today's category is Hockey. Take the survey by clicking here.

Hockey Teeth by Bahamas on Grooveshark

Hockey Fight Song by Chuck Brodsky on Grooveshark

Ice Hockey Hair by Super Furry Animals on Grooveshark

August 3, 2012

Audiolympics (I)

Hey Irrelephant heads and fellow musicholics! Are you getting excited about the 2012 London Olympic Games? In celebration, this blog brings you the first summer edition of the Audiolympics. Yay!

Every day until next Friday, August 10th, three songs containing a sport in their titles will be competing against each other. And I'm asking YOU to help me crown the Gold, Silver and Bronze by voting for your favorite on the Facebook page.

Today's category is Swimming.
Click here to cast your votes in the survey.

Swimming by Florence and The Machine on Grooveshark

Swimming by Breathe Owl Breathe on Grooveshark

Swimming in the Floods by Passion Pit on Grooveshark

July 31, 2012

Sheep & Raccoons


Some time ago, I defined myself as a raccoon. Can you guess? Constant extremely dark under-eye circles after averaging about four to five hours of sleep per night. Damn!

Has anyone actually tried counting sheep to fall asleep? Well, I have, and let me tell you: it doesn't work. I can last for about fifteen sheep before my brain loses interest and switches back to whatever thought or worry was keeping me up in the first place. The act of counting sheep is synonymous with sleep promotion in our culture, along with drinking warm milk and taking a hot shower. Nobody is quite sure how that happened. It might stem from shepherds of the olden days keeping track of their flocks before bedtime. But regardless of the concept's origins, the fact remains that this method won't help in the fight against insomnia. In fact, it might even exacerbate the problem.

Alrite, guys. I propose something different. What if instead of imaging a number showing underneath each woolly creature as it jumps, try to listen to one of these cool songs talking about sheep? Surely you'll keep going all googly-eyed. You won't go nuts counting animals, though.

July 26, 2012

Hanged For A Sheep As A Lamb

DAFUQ! I'm wondering how I'd not heard of Stealing Sheep till last nite when lurking the Internet in search of some info 'bout music festivals held in my city.

Genevieve is a greaaat way to start your week. Numerous factors have made me a little swamped at the minute. These three Liverpudlians ladies embody a warm yet whimsical style of nu-folk that evokes a certain sense of 60's psychedelia merged with an undeniably sweet and modern twist that brings to mind some of Slow Club's work. Moreover, the video is all hazy light, kaleidoscopes, hair tossing and plenty of balloons. And I like it. I like it a lot. 

This the second single from their forthcoming full length entitled Into the Diamond Sun, due for release on August 20. Watch for yourselves below.

July 22, 2012


Oh, how much I missed it! Finally made some time for writing. Thus, wipe that scowl off that sour puss of yours today. You're gonna smile. Hey, I'm back to bring you up to date on some of the main bands I've been concentrating on lately. Alrite, if you already follow this blog on Twitter or Facebook, you've been kept regularly informed about the latest albums and official video releases. But if you are still not a member of the group, don't waste a moment; hurry up and click here.

Straight off, Fun.'s We Are Young has been one of the most infectious singles of the year: an ode to defiant and youthful optimism. Yep, come hell or high water, it's really hard to dislike such boundless enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The band name clearly define their music. The more you listen to and dig into their songs, the more you'll be on cloud nine. True story.

Their first album, 2009's Aim and Ignite, did not experience substantial commercial success. Nevertheless, thanks to this stunning tune from their sophomore studio album entitled Some Nights, the New Yorkers are well on their way to achieve heights and climb up to the charts, leaving their mark upon the mainstream. However, IMHO, it is perhaps the weakest track on the album.

BTW, Have you already seen this striking cover? I love the way these tight, talented guys have made the song totally their own, building in their hooks and theatrics over and above the original.

A few weeks ago, the outfit world premiered their brand new video for Some Nights, which gives the album its name. It sees the song from the eyes of a young soldier sent off to battle, firing his own weapons and ruminating over the life he's left behind for the cruel nights he's caught up in. But despite being a video about war and its tragic outcomes, Fun. shows that it stands for the same message of exuberant youthfulness that runs rampant in their previous hit. Ah, just a word of warning: try to avoid it from minute 4:13. OMFG! Synthesized voice is quite horrible. Phew! The rest of the song is ok for me. Check it out!


Press the button if you keep wanting more.