October 15, 2012

GP: Good Point

Never had I been a junky of the music from South America till certain someone made me love some Chilean indie bands.

What I bring you today is the brand new clip by Gepe, entitled En La Naturaleza (4-3-2-1), first single off his forthcoming album GP, which is a wild one (that countdown is not in vain). Daniel Riveros has a special talent for bending the sweet and melodic traditionalism of folk music to craft wholesome pop grace. Thus, if you're part of the crowd that still feels abrupted by Por La Ventana, you might want to surrender the purist mindset once and for all.


While not nearly as bright and festive as Por La Ventana, the video I'm introducing you today has similar framing and character focal points, while the darker color palette and layered footage adds texture and dimension. And, since Gepe's already done the natural setting thing in visual arts before, for this clip he established a clear boundary between the natural world and the manmade one. But, there's something else beyond here, my peeps. 

Music video production companies from Chile, one of South America's most conservative countries towards sex education, seem to have an elevated rate of sexual deviancy. Only a short glimpse at the lesbian french kiss featured in the clip and some other suggestive visuals from bands such as Astro or Dënver will be sufficient to understand what I'm talking 'bout. Anyway, I have no complaint whatsoever, huh? Hihihi. 

Okay, enjoy it and leave me your comments below. Gepe doesn't just swamp you, he brings you back up swooning in joy. So hit the play button already!

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