October 8, 2012

Eyes Speak For Themselves

Having been on a two year break, The Pass are now ready to unleash onto the world some more of their jovial, energetic and uplifting psychedelic synth-pop. The long-awaited release of their forthcoming longplayer, Melt, is due out earlier next month. The first single, entiled Without Warning, is just one of those tunes that won't let you sit still and makes you want to get to know these guys better. 

The very first time I listened to them, they sounded like Phoenix meeting Passion Pit if they were both messed up on acid. (Hahaha, I know. It does seem a little bit cruel). Nevertheless, the more I listened to it, the more apparent it became that The Pass are spectacularly unique. Not to mention their visual arts. Dudes, you're gonna be amazed by their brand new clip where they managed to cram the lyrics onto some eyelids before lining them up for their close up. Literally blinking-fast cuts that let the track's lyrics being revealed one at a time. It's a really fresh way to go about it. You'll never look at a lyric video the same way again. 

Check it out below and enjoy the delicious rush that is Without Warning. It's catchy, dance-inducing pop rock at its finest, so have the repeat button ready. You'll be on the lookout for more and I warn you: They have come to stay in your brain. 

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