November 28, 2011

Sexual Innuendo

If there were ever a formula to get the attention of readers, this would likely be it, hihi. But, let this be a prior warning to all those hetero guys and lesbians watching the screen since this clip features a group of half nude chicks that do slightly suggestive things like drinking milkshakes in the tub, wrestling each other, mauling watermelon slices, and my personal favorite, practicing kissing on their hands. 

Alpine is an indie-pop sextet from Melbourne who are lately receiving rave reviews and amassing fans in their native country. Their latest single Hands is the first cut from their forthcoming debut album (due early 2012) and follows last years Zurich EP.

With honeyed harmonies, sublime sounds and Lou James and Phoebe Baker's dreamy vocals, Hands  is an exercise in ethereal pop that leaves audiences immediately in thrall.


Hey, I can imagine no one is analysing this song as much as I am, huh? You're too busy watching ladies clutching their boobs against a glass door. Mnmnmn. I get it. So... enjoy! Meanwhile I'm just wondering when I will be able to watch a video full of hot men.


November 27, 2011


Today I cannot resist sharing about I am Harlequin, an awesome singer I stumbled upon several days ago while trying to find out similar artists to Lana del Rey. In fact, this video, Because He Loves Them Both, is kike-alike to Kinda Outta Luck  or Video Games  (IMO).

Behind this peculiar name hides Anne Freier, who grew up in East Germany at the end of the GDR regime and moved to London where she had her musical training. Anne has influences that range from classical music, particularly the Russians of the 20th century, such as the great composer & pianist Rachmaninov, to the advanced choir arrangements in Stephen Sondheim musicals, as well as other completely different latest references like Florence + The Machine or CocoRosie. I am Harlequin is epic electro indie pop at its finest. The music embraces a menagerie of instruments to create a bold and intricate sound. Her sophisticated, off-kilter melodies form stirring and unforgettable pop songs.

Watch, listen, and prepare yourself for the goosebumps.

November 26, 2011

The Return

Dear fellow readers, I know it's been a long time since my last post but that one dag on thing got in the way. So, sorry a lot for having been neglecting you for a while. 

Now, after a loooong awe inspiring and memorable vacation, I'm back with some refreshed and renewed ideas up my sleeve and I'll be releasing a lot of music contributions. Hope you like them!

Start by listening to the next song, which is just perfect for today's post because of its title. Great Vacation is a golden oldie by the band Dirt Poor Robins, consisting of the talented husband and wife team, Neil and Kate Robins, who are self-described on one of their album covers as "cinematic rock". They will enthral you and leave you wanting more, I'm sure about it! Total compositions, more than worthy of gracing thine fine ears. 

Ah! I'd like to thank you everyone for the constant visits to the blog, even though it hasn't been updated for more than a month. Irrelephant is a personal project created from scratch and each additional visit is not due to a promotion among friends but because of you, lurkers, who came up with my site sometime in the past and still are there, supporting me every day. Thank you so much!

November 15, 2011

Open Jaws

I know. It has been many days since last post but I've been really busy this week. Sorry a lot. However, I had to come back with such a bombshell. Ready? First Aid Kit return with the lead track from their second release, The Lion's Roar. Tada!

As you already (should) know, I've been following these Swedish sister's ever since they got me all gooey-eyed a year and a half ago (click here), that has basically involved me waitin' patiently for their return whilst repeatedly playing their debut EP and full length. Today I'm glad to say that the wait is now over.

Ok... We still will have to wait long till the official release on 23 January next year but, at least, we've been treated to a stream of the title track. Listen to it now!

November 4, 2011

Dear Deer

I didn't think the Chilean indie music scene was sooooo large but once again a band from this country has become a favorite of mine, as such Dënver did some time ago (click here).

Astro brings us their joyous brand new single called Ciervos (translated as "deer"), from the group's first proper full-length, which is set to be released in the next months. One of the main references when speaking about Astro's music has been MGMT and, while the similarities between both bands are kind of obvious, their songs certainly aren't. 

The clip was shot at a beautiful island at the very south of Chile and the psych-pop foursome get into some ritualistic celebration with animals, gods, and humans as equal. Check it out now!

Plus, way below you'll find the free mp3. If the whole record sounds like this, I definitely can't wait to hear it.