November 15, 2011

Open Jaws

I know. It has been many days since last post but I've been really busy this week. Sorry a lot. However, I had to come back with such a bombshell. Ready? First Aid Kit return with the lead track from their second release, The Lion's Roar. Tada!

As you already (should) know, I've been following these Swedish sister's ever since they got me all gooey-eyed a year and a half ago (click here), that has basically involved me waitin' patiently for their return whilst repeatedly playing their debut EP and full length. Today I'm glad to say that the wait is now over.

Ok... We still will have to wait long till the official release on 23 January next year but, at least, we've been treated to a stream of the title track. Listen to it now!


Alguien said...

Great song! I'll dig into their previous work, thanks for the discovery! :)

jke said...