November 4, 2011

Dear Deer

I didn't think the Chilean indie music scene was sooooo large but once again a band from this country has become a favorite of mine, as such Dënver did some time ago (click here).

Astro brings us their joyous brand new single called Ciervos (translated as "deer"), from the group's first proper full-length, which is set to be released in the next months. One of the main references when speaking about Astro's music has been MGMT and, while the similarities between both bands are kind of obvious, their songs certainly aren't. 

The clip was shot at a beautiful island at the very south of Chile and the psych-pop foursome get into some ritualistic celebration with animals, gods, and humans as equal. Check it out now!

Plus, way below you'll find the free mp3. If the whole record sounds like this, I definitely can't wait to hear it.


JT_Hos said...

nice video!

kurrukata said...

I need more bands like this!

Alguien said...

They sound great, excellent discovery :)

kurrukata said...

Thanx, bloke! Even though you cloak ur identity I know who u areee! Haha.

BTW, I remain completely addicted to Nurses and Cloud Control.

Alguien said...

hehehe, i suppose the cap adds a mysterious touch :P. I'm happy to read your words. I have just added new reviews, i'd recommend you Washed Out, a marvelous release :)