January 23, 2014

Mumford & So On

As you can see in the picture below, Marcus Mumford and his dudes are laughing out loud, very loud. The reason? Irrelephant has set up a casting call to find bands with a similar style and the same vibratory pattern of the vocal folds as mr. M. Poor guys! They must be totally exhausted after having toured extensively in support of their two albums and delivered headline sets and countless gigs around the world. In fact, they are now taking a considerable amount of tour off, just going back to hanging out, and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that.

I've always had a spot in my heart for Americana folk and country-western line dancing. In fact, people tend to label me as weird when I was a kid. Nevertheless, this style has been so popular in recent years, and there are many bands touring their way to a vast market throaty folk that's strong on banjo, rhythmic ukelele, acoustic guitars and bass drum; featuring happy and cheerful whistling, glockenspiel melodies, tom toms and handclaps.

AFAIAC, for personal reasons that are neither here nor there, I started to take a dislike to M&S. Just a little bit, though. So I began a conscious searching for resembling outfits that, somehow, might replace their music (temporarily). Finally, after a lot of effort, I have found the twenty very best candidates who match exactly the specifications. Seriously, the sound of all these “sons” is just as good as their parents'. And, folks, you see, I do like them but I don't understand why critics praise these guys to the skies when there are other truly great bands today.

At first, I draw up an exhaustive list of more than eighty artists sharing common melodies and rythms, but trying to shorten the tracklisting, I had to exclude some singers like Vance Joy and groups, such as Charles Blitzen or Tin Sparrow, because their lead singers are males with high pitched voices compared to Marcus'.

Now I'm going to ask you a favor. We should meet with the band that most closely matches the original, and I need your opinion and vote in the survey at the end of the post. Comments and suggestions would be also appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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January 16, 2014

Carousel Memories

I really love carousels. They always make me think of movement, color, carelessness and joy of life. 

This is my own tracklist containing beautifully-crafted, whimsical tunes with accordion, music box, bells, toy piano, xylophone, keyboard, and countless other instruments that provide the lively sound and textures to an imaginative musical journey. Ear-food for all daydreamers, fo sho. From the moment you listen to this music, some amazing emotions will swell inside you. I'm sure these tracks will make you feel like a kid again. 

So climb aboard and dream away!


January 9, 2014

Mashing Up

Everyone stop. Ears to the ground. What's that familiar tune I hear? OMG, OMFG! My all-time fave bands together in same cool song? Ouch, wait! Please, somebody, please... pinch ME!! Tell me it's not a dream!!

The first real band I got into was probably Oasis. Phew! I became a real sucker for WTSMG album. How long it took me to save up for it! Still sounds as awesome as it did when I got it in 1997 (at the age of 15). It was an eye-popping improvement to jump from cassette tape to CD. 

And what to say about Two Door Cinema Club? As you can probably guess, I'm a big fan of these Irish guys who can't help but rock your face off. Lately I don't really listen to them often, though. 

Ah, thanks a bunch for this bitchin' stuff, Juergen! Wholly appreciated!

Instru : Oasis > Wonderwall
Acapella : Two Door Cinema Club > What You Know

Instru : Two Door Cinema Club > What You Know
Acapella : Oasis > Wonderwall

January 2, 2014

Time To Blossom

I'm not really into Latin American indie music. However, the first time I heard of Puerto Rico-based band Superaquello, I was immediately charmed by their great originality, ingenious and witty lyrics, infectious melodies, and quirky videos.

Their songs resonates with nuances of traditional pop, electronic beats, sound experimentation and local folk tunes.

The clip I bring you starts with a bunch of people getting together to mourn the dead while walking down a road. Then roughly halfway through, they bump into a smiling woman in white. Nothing is what it seems, though. Not only the hidden meaning of the video, but also the identity of the intriguing man on the album cover, will be solved at the end of the story.   

Superaquello - Flor Es Ser