January 2, 2014

Time To Blossom

I'm not really into Latin American indie music. However, the first time I heard of Puerto Rico-based band Superaquello, I was immediately charmed by their great originality, ingenious and witty lyrics, infectious melodies, and quirky videos.

Their songs resonates with nuances of traditional pop, electronic beats, sound experimentation and local folk tunes.

The clip I bring you starts with a bunch of people getting together to mourn the dead while walking down a road. Then roughly halfway through, they bump into a smiling woman in white. Nothing is what it seems, though. Not only the hidden meaning of the video, but also the identity of the intriguing man on the album cover, will be solved at the end of the story.   

Superaquello - Flor Es Ser

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Avantgarden said...

Thanks for expanding my musical pallet with a myriad of welcomed additions!