January 24, 2012

Team 'em up!

At the risk of sounding redundant, today I'm gonna talk 'bout another album that has made it onto my potential top ten list for 2012. To The Treetops!, out March 5th, is a landmark in Team Me's evolution from a collection of songs written by Marius D. Hagen, to a multi-instrumental six-piece outfit that reminds me of a few other bands such as Arcade Fire or Architecture In Helsinki.

Here you have the video for Show Me, an easy stand out from above mentioned upcoming LP, shot entirely by the band themselves. On the surface, this track is a charming pop song full of catchy hooks, but it's balanced by dark and introspective lyrical content and rich and varied instrumentation. Alrite, I'd say this short film is ok-ish, in spite of the fact that every time I watch it, it gives me an appetite. But... I can't see any point in that dinner served by a lady seemingly dressed as a butterfly. Can someone explain to me the meaning behind it? 

These Norwegian lads have a great creative approach when it comes to producing clips. That's so true! There's a cool one for Weathervanes and Chemicals, made as a highly addictive 80s-style computer video game. You can play it by clicking the button.

For those with Spotify, listen now to their EP in preparation for their first full-length effort.

January 18, 2012


In an age of a global recession, money is on everyone's mind. But dough has always been hot topic and it should come as no surprise that it has found its way into music. So here is my take on the top ten indie songs of all time written about moolah:

Think I'm missing any? Make a comment below!

January 17, 2012

Dueling Narrators

Woah, woah, woah. Have you ever heard a song that makes you shudder from start to ending? Happened to me the first time I heard GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know, contained in his great third album called Making Mirrors, released late last summer. 

Despite having been around for nearly a decade now, this artist has been growing exponentially since a super duper mega amazing cover of his song was posted on YouTube, which I found thanks to my old buddy Juan Mendi. Click on the logo and pay utmost attention to the video. Worth seeing, seriously! I've actually been purposefully limiting how often I watch it so I don't burn myself out on it.

This song is definitely a reflection of the cycle of relationships and the purpose of staying friends after a breakup. But honestly, relationships rarely see mutual breakups and one party will always feel resentment or bitterness toward the other. This shifting between different emotions is something Gotye does very well. As is being able to oscillate between sadness and anger. He conveys much of this confusion with his vocals alone. His voice in the verse is very dry, as if recorded in a closet. In the chorus, however, emotions explode, as his voice soars to sing. But the point where the song-craft really becomes special is the introduction of Kimbra, playing the part of the now-missing-in-action ex returning to have her say. Till the moment she enters the scene, Gotye had us believing he was the victim. But after hearing her side of the story, it becomes clear that both are unreliable narrators. I love the way in which it is able to show both perspectives of the story. 

Okay, admittedly, this is not a creative idea for a song. In fact, there are many lyrics dealing with this emotional longing and distress. Let's see some of them!

Elliott Smith also recorded a song with the title Somebody That I Used To Know. Both songs are about a former lover who has been cut out of the narrator's life, and both songs have a distinctly bitter tone.

Elliott Smith - Somebody That I Used To Know

There are also resemblances between Somebody That I Used To Know and the Ben Folds + Regina Spektor duet You Don’t Know Me, another song about love gone wrong and lyrics concerned about how little we know of other people.

Ben Folds ft. Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me


Finally, today's song could also take inspiration from this smash hit by Keane, about two lovers who've drifted apart and eventually become complete strangers.

Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers

Can you add another one on the subject? Comments below!

January 15, 2012

Yours Truly

Beth Jeans Houghton came to the attention of many through last year's wonderful Dodecahedron, but she has in fact been around since 2009. This Newcastle singer has taken nearly four years to release her dazzling debut album. Nevertheless, the long wait is almost over. Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose will be out in early February and it is probably time for her quirky, rich vocals to reach a wider audience.

No wonder she's now being hailed as up-and-coming talented artist to watch. Her blend of psychedelia, glam-rock and acid-folk is quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear in 2012, just sayin'. What's more, this awesomely experimental songstress has some skills behind the camera as well, choosing to direct the video for the record's lead single Sweet Bird Tooth.

Watch the clips below and get a taste of the album!

After having watched those short movies, don't you think she really DOES look a lot like a young 
Courtney Love?

January 10, 2012


Iron & Wine's Kiss Each Other Clean is nearly a year old now, but it's still giving. While most of the album tracks are fairly upbeat and positive, Godless Brother in Love makes me flinch with its lilting piano and harp. Oh, I swear up and down I don't want to be corny, but listening to this tender and wistful song it is impossible for me to avoid it. Trust me, chums, the emotions contained in his lovable and delicate voice are likely to convert even a fierce beard hater to the indie folk side of things. 

The song comes along with an equally stunning video, released just a week ago, that reminds me of the visual aesthetic of The Naked & The Famous' Young Blood  with its slow-motion Polaroid-styled imagery that perfectly captures the mood of the moment.

Check 'em out after the jump.

Iron & Wine - Godless Brother in Love

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

January 9, 2012

Wild Ones

I know, I know. I'm rather late with the postings this year, so please excuse my tardiness. Anyway, better late than never. Thus, we're off!

"A fresh start for the new year" must be the proposal made by The Maccabees, whose third collection entitled Given To The Wild is out today! Yippee! Oh, I'm really stoked, folks. I can't say enough how excited I've been about it!

The Brighton-based five piece spent two years writing and recording this follow-up to 2009's critically-lauded Wall Of Arms. And according to them, this is their most adventurous work to date. Avoiding the studio, each member retreated to their homes to develop ideas and work on songs individually, emailing them back and forth. Seriously, I've been impressed on how The Maccabees have forged an identity more purely them than ever. For the first time, the band have made an album as a group, a combined vision rather than the result of one or two members taking the lead. 

My absolute favorite track is Pelican, full of raw energy and a frantic pace that leaves me breathless and begging for more as it fades away. Other songs that quietly capture my attention from start to end are Feel To Follow  and the album standout Forever I've Known.

There is no doubt this is a pretty special record, which can only add to their growing popularity and elevates these lads to the level of the musical giants. I clearly think it's their breakthrough.

C'mon! What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in these twirling tunes by scrolling down and clicking!

Press the button to watch the making of the clip.


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