January 24, 2012

Team 'em up!

At the risk of sounding redundant, today I'm gonna talk 'bout another album that has made it onto my potential top ten list for 2012. To The Treetops!, out March 5th, is a landmark in Team Me's evolution from a collection of songs written by Marius D. Hagen, to a multi-instrumental six-piece outfit that reminds me of a few other bands such as Arcade Fire or Architecture In Helsinki.

Here you have the video for Show Me, an easy stand out from above mentioned upcoming LP, shot entirely by the band themselves. On the surface, this track is a charming pop song full of catchy hooks, but it's balanced by dark and introspective lyrical content and rich and varied instrumentation. Alrite, I'd say this short film is ok-ish, in spite of the fact that every time I watch it, it gives me an appetite. But... I can't see any point in that dinner served by a lady seemingly dressed as a butterfly. Can someone explain to me the meaning behind it? 

These Norwegian lads have a great creative approach when it comes to producing clips. That's so true! There's a cool one for Weathervanes and Chemicals, made as a highly addictive 80s-style computer video game. You can play it by clicking the button.

For those with Spotify, listen now to their EP in preparation for their first full-length effort.

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