August 10, 2012

Audiolympics (VIII)

Come the last day of the Audiolympic Games, records will have been smashed, tears shed, dreams fulfilled and memories made. Yep, I'm sure you got the magic power of the music in you! Before the closing ceremony, Irrelephant has chosen three songs regarding to today's category: CYCLING. So get the survey on facebook by clicking here.

Cycling Trivialities by José González on Grooveshark 

Olympic Cyclist by Ballboy on Grooveshark

Superheroes of BMX by Mogwai on Grooveshark

August 9, 2012

Audiolympics (VII)

Penultimate day of the Audiolympic Games and a crowd sport, the one that ignites great passion in people, is played today: Yep, FOOTBALL. I am probably coming over as a grumpy old monster but yet for some reason it is fine for someone to walk up to all of you and publicly declare in your face that I h-a-t-e football. And, as you will see listen, Belle & Sebastian totally agree with me. What nice guys! Anyway, here you've got the tunes! Press the following link here to cast your votes.

Football Kids by Club 8 on Grooveshark

I Don't Want To Play Football by Belle and Sebastian on Grooveshark 

Football by Iggy Pop on Grooveshark

August 8, 2012

Audiolympics (VI)

Surfing the web? No, SAILING in fact! Remember we're celebrating the Audiolympics till next friday, August 10th, and you'll be able to preside over as referee at this exciting regatta. Just press here and rate your preferred anthem.

 Sailing Away by Travis on Grooveshark  

Sailing by Deerhunter on Grooveshark 

Sailing To Nowhere by Broken Bells on Grooveshark

August 7, 2012

Audiolympics (V)

The Audiolympic hangover? No way! It has barely started! Today is day five and BOXING championship is currently being held. Click here to cast your votes in the survey and decide which song deserves the Gold.

Boxing Champ by Kaiser Chiefs on Grooveshark 

Shadow Boxing by Yodelice on Grooveshark

Prison Boxing by Cataldo on Grooveshark

August 6, 2012

Audiolympics (IV)

We are right in the middle of the Audiolympic games and an important TENNIS match is being played today! Three songs will compete for the gold medal in this amazing final. Take the little quiz you'll find here and tell us which one you like the most. 

Tennis Elbow by Sky Sailing on Grooveshark 

Tennis by Hasmachot on Grooveshark

Tennis Party by Mr. Maps on Grooveshark

August 5, 2012

Audiolympics (III)

You already know the basics. Crowd control at the starting line and RUNNERS ready to sprint their way out. YOU decide to award gold, silver and bronze medals among these three tunes competing. Get set, go! 

Once you've decided on your choice, cast your vote here.

Running Up That Hill by Placebo on Grooveshark

Trouble Comes Running by Spoon on Grooveshark 

Tired Of Running by We Have Band on Grooveshark

August 4, 2012

Audiolympics (II)

Hey guys! Remember we're celebrating the very first musical Olympics and those three songs are struggling to get a gold medal. You can also be a referee in this funny competition. So, it's up to you! Today's category is Hockey. Take the survey by clicking here.

Hockey Teeth by Bahamas on Grooveshark

Hockey Fight Song by Chuck Brodsky on Grooveshark

Ice Hockey Hair by Super Furry Animals on Grooveshark

August 3, 2012

Audiolympics (I)

Hey Irrelephant heads and fellow musicholics! Are you getting excited about the 2012 London Olympic Games? In celebration, this blog brings you the first summer edition of the Audiolympics. Yay!

Every day until next Friday, August 10th, three songs containing a sport in their titles will be competing against each other. And I'm asking YOU to help me crown the Gold, Silver and Bronze by voting for your favorite on the Facebook page.

Today's category is Swimming.
Click here to cast your votes in the survey.

Swimming by Florence and The Machine on Grooveshark

Swimming by Breathe Owl Breathe on Grooveshark

Swimming in the Floods by Passion Pit on Grooveshark