October 30, 2012

Too Much, Beyond The Pale

A fresh new cut from a budding artist that is already making the Internet rounds while less than a couple of days after its release? Yep, sounds about right. Pale is the most recent exciting act to emerge. You'll see.

The first seconds of Too Much hint at a steady, slow burn electro lullaby, yet as the song evolves (and in particular when the vocals bounce in) it becomes a gem with a killer melody and a chorus that feels designed to embed itself into your brain for days. It's a great track, and hopefully it's not the first and last time that we hear from Pale cos there's something about it that makes me feel like it'd be the opening shot of something (too) much more grand.

There's a similarly striking video to go with the song, in which a figure embraces the act of being covered in nasty gooey paint. Check it out below. It reminds me of the short movie for Mud  by Peaches. Click the button after the jump to watch it (first video) and compare these two clips by your own.

Press here:

October 15, 2012

GP: Good Point

Never had I been a junky of the music from South America till certain someone made me love some Chilean indie bands.

What I bring you today is the brand new clip by Gepe, entitled En La Naturaleza (4-3-2-1), first single off his forthcoming album GP, which is a wild one (that countdown is not in vain). Daniel Riveros has a special talent for bending the sweet and melodic traditionalism of folk music to craft wholesome pop grace. Thus, if you're part of the crowd that still feels abrupted by Por La Ventana, you might want to surrender the purist mindset once and for all.


While not nearly as bright and festive as Por La Ventana, the video I'm introducing you today has similar framing and character focal points, while the darker color palette and layered footage adds texture and dimension. And, since Gepe's already done the natural setting thing in visual arts before, for this clip he established a clear boundary between the natural world and the manmade one. But, there's something else beyond here, my peeps. 

Music video production companies from Chile, one of South America's most conservative countries towards sex education, seem to have an elevated rate of sexual deviancy. Only a short glimpse at the lesbian french kiss featured in the clip and some other suggestive visuals from bands such as Astro or Dënver will be sufficient to understand what I'm talking 'bout. Anyway, I have no complaint whatsoever, huh? Hihihi. 

Okay, enjoy it and leave me your comments below. Gepe doesn't just swamp you, he brings you back up swooning in joy. So hit the play button already!

October 8, 2012

Eyes Speak For Themselves

Having been on a two year break, The Pass are now ready to unleash onto the world some more of their jovial, energetic and uplifting psychedelic synth-pop. The long-awaited release of their forthcoming longplayer, Melt, is due out earlier next month. The first single, entiled Without Warning, is just one of those tunes that won't let you sit still and makes you want to get to know these guys better. 

The very first time I listened to them, they sounded like Phoenix meeting Passion Pit if they were both messed up on acid. (Hahaha, I know. It does seem a little bit cruel). Nevertheless, the more I listened to it, the more apparent it became that The Pass are spectacularly unique. Not to mention their visual arts. Dudes, you're gonna be amazed by their brand new clip where they managed to cram the lyrics onto some eyelids before lining them up for their close up. Literally blinking-fast cuts that let the track's lyrics being revealed one at a time. It's a really fresh way to go about it. You'll never look at a lyric video the same way again. 

Check it out below and enjoy the delicious rush that is Without Warning. It's catchy, dance-inducing pop rock at its finest, so have the repeat button ready. You'll be on the lookout for more and I warn you: They have come to stay in your brain. 

October 4, 2012

Old Wave

I fell for Big Wave in a big way with the shoegaze melodies of the glistening Dying On The Vine (click here), so naturally I've been keen to see what the five-piece came up with next. Thankfully the wait for their following single hasn't been too long with their latest single, Only You.

As a huge fan of 80s and 90s twee pop, the thing that really struck me about it was just how sincerely devoted the band sounded to indie pop's past.

In the sea of lo-fi guitar pop bands, no other outfit was mining these sounds as distinctly. This isn't just another example of what has been popularized by WavvesTennis and Best Coast over the past couple of years. Even if it has a bit of the same upbeat, dizzy guitar riffs, punchy drums and charming vocal melodies, this female-fronted guitar pop aims for something more nostalgic, and perhaps timeless. Yup, they know a thing or two about dazzling with hooks. More than anything, the songs here have the perfect pop combination: the flash to catch your ear immediately and the substance to stick with you in the long-run. For any fans of this style, take a glance at the video down below, which features the band participating in a particularly unsettling bout of speed-dating. I'm quite sure you're gonna love it and you'll stay tuned for further tracks from their album!