October 4, 2012

Old Wave

I fell for Big Wave in a big way with the shoegaze melodies of the glistening Dying On The Vine (click here), so naturally I've been keen to see what the five-piece came up with next. Thankfully the wait for their following single hasn't been too long with their latest single, Only You.

As a huge fan of 80s and 90s twee pop, the thing that really struck me about it was just how sincerely devoted the band sounded to indie pop's past.

In the sea of lo-fi guitar pop bands, no other outfit was mining these sounds as distinctly. This isn't just another example of what has been popularized by WavvesTennis and Best Coast over the past couple of years. Even if it has a bit of the same upbeat, dizzy guitar riffs, punchy drums and charming vocal melodies, this female-fronted guitar pop aims for something more nostalgic, and perhaps timeless. Yup, they know a thing or two about dazzling with hooks. More than anything, the songs here have the perfect pop combination: the flash to catch your ear immediately and the substance to stick with you in the long-run. For any fans of this style, take a glance at the video down below, which features the band participating in a particularly unsettling bout of speed-dating. I'm quite sure you're gonna love it and you'll stay tuned for further tracks from their album!

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