March 28, 2012

Trapped & Drowned

Although we had listened to a preview already a few weeks back, today this blog has the great pleasure to show you the official clip for Regina Spektor's most recent slight of creation entitled All the Rowboatsthe first single from What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, her eagerly-awaited new studio album, the first since 2009's Far. The LP is set to be released on May 29.

Introduced by a pretty suggestive sound with a hint of intrigue and obscurity, it's delivered through the harmony of her classical piano tinged with an electronic throb, which seem to give an even greater emphasis on the lyrics. Although Miss Spektor has always managed to captivate us with melodies drenched in warmth, joy and smiles, this song is dark, brooding and edgy. But even so, I still consider myself as a reginaholic.

As far as the video is concerned, it plunges her into a blurry aquatic dream-reality full of stop-motion animation and light effects. A three-and-a-half-minute story where she wanders around the darkness playing her fav instrument, dancing dramatically and having her hair swept by the wind. Are you ready for this crafty, high-velocity and claustrophobic chase clip?

Moreover, she has recently announced another track included in the aforementioned album, What We Saw from the Cheap Seats, a new version of Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas), which was previously on her 2002 record Songs. Check it out below.


March 25, 2012


Seriously, folks, I never thought that having a blog was so rewarding. You begin writing about something you're passionate about. Then, assiduous readers who become faithful followers, exchange musical ideas through the site, and bit by bit, conversations are stroke up and interesting relationships are built. However, perhaps the best thing of all for me is to get to meet them in person. And that's what happened yesterday: I met up with Anna, who came to Madrid just for a couple of days. So there we were, on a Saturday night in the heart of the alternative neighborhood of Malasaña, talking endlessly 'bout a vaste catalogue of music. Whoopee!

She's precisely who showed me this awe-inspiring song called Awkward by the Australian indie-poppers San Cisco. From the first moment I heard this tune, I let it sink in a few more times. Hot damn!

When not dazzling me with its killer video, the song hold its own and more. I'm really pleasantly surprised! It is one of the tracks included in their second EP, which was released last February. We can consider their ENTIRE album a true example of the most vigorous blows with a rough low-fi garage pop energy, giving off that super-optimistic feeling of summer and inviting body movement. 

Plus, did I already mention the video is amazing? FYI, WhatsApp and communication probs are the main characters in the story.

Hey, if you wanna dig up and listen to a few more gems, click on the icon below.

March 14, 2012

Uncontrollable Growth

It is no secret. I have a tremendously large sweet tooth. Morning, noon or night. I'm always up for the delight and indulgence of a sweet treat. You name it. If it is sweet, I'm all over it. Yeep, it's real... Those who know me, know I'm a freaking sucker for sugar.

Aiight, having said that, you'll understand why I'm afraid of having eaten too many choco flakes lately. Opsss!

Here's an uplifting video for you, my peeps: the atmospheric track Iron Deer Dream by Oxford quintet Fixers. The clip is very much a "what the hell" moment, given that it features people suffering from a a terrible case of Rice Krispie-itis. Ahh, here comes my warning: vegetables under those armpits are very shocking, so cover your eyes during teh scene.

The tune is taken from the EP of the same name, out at the beginning of March. The band is poised to unveiled their full-length debut We'll Be The Moon on May 14. These lads are bound to hit a number of musical radars this year, I'm sure about it.


Over on their soundcloud  page, you can download another track from the forthcoming album, Trans Love, which doesn't dispel the Animal Collective comparisons.


March 10, 2012


The Aussie band The Temper Trap is ready to treat fans (ME!) to their stunning forthcoming album, The Temper Trap, which is the follow up to critically-acclaimed platinum-selling debut long-player Conditions, featuring the hit single Sweet Disposition, one of my fav songs ever. Omigoodness, I have no idea how many times I've listened to this tune, buuut I truly think I will never get tired of it, and I won't be able to get it out of my head either.

It has been almost three years in the making, with the Melbourne guys spending stints in London, Spain (yay!) and California in between a hectic tour schedule. The self-titled 12-track collection is due for release on May 21 (June 5 in USA) and it'll be the band's first as a newly-expanded five-piece outfit following the permanent addition of Joseph Greer on keyboard and guitar.

May seems like a long way off, so they have decided to give to all of us a sneak peak unveiling the official video for the cut Rabbit Hole. In addition, these lads are giving us another early taste of the their long-awaited stuff, called Need Your Love, which will be officially revealed on March 27. These two singles not only met my expectations, but may have exceeded them already. Watch (and listen) to them below. Hey, is your Temper Trap going to flare up?


March 4, 2012

Drinking A Toast With Champagne

Yes, everyday seems like Groundhog's Day. I'm smitten with my new musical discovery.

Danish band Emma Acs & the Inbred Family have won my heart and praise with their debut album, Champagne, full of lo-fi, psychedelic pop with solid roots in the experimental 60s and 70s. A perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, guitar twangs, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop, the long player whisks us away to a not-so-distant land of bitter-sweet harmony and musical contemplation.

Green Stars & An Orange Sun is my absolute favorite and I really love the strong color contrast in its awkward video. Bright red of Emma's hair and the baptizer's Beatle-ish jacket, pale blue sky over pale blue lake and flashy painting flying through the air, standing out in the dull appearance of the rocky landscape. BTW, someone should tell them that boiling an egg with the power of the sun over the heads is not a good idea. Ah, chaps! According to my friend Juan, the girl in yellow has very sexy, long legs. This is also a reason to check it out, innit?