March 14, 2012

Uncontrollable Growth

It is no secret. I have a tremendously large sweet tooth. Morning, noon or night. I'm always up for the delight and indulgence of a sweet treat. You name it. If it is sweet, I'm all over it. Yeep, it's real... Those who know me, know I'm a freaking sucker for sugar.

Aiight, having said that, you'll understand why I'm afraid of having eaten too many choco flakes lately. Opsss!

Here's an uplifting video for you, my peeps: the atmospheric track Iron Deer Dream by Oxford quintet Fixers. The clip is very much a "what the hell" moment, given that it features people suffering from a a terrible case of Rice Krispie-itis. Ahh, here comes my warning: vegetables under those armpits are very shocking, so cover your eyes during teh scene.

The tune is taken from the EP of the same name, out at the beginning of March. The band is poised to unveiled their full-length debut We'll Be The Moon on May 14. These lads are bound to hit a number of musical radars this year, I'm sure about it.


Over on their soundcloud  page, you can download another track from the forthcoming album, Trans Love, which doesn't dispel the Animal Collective comparisons.


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