March 4, 2012

Drinking A Toast With Champagne

Yes, everyday seems like Groundhog's Day. I'm smitten with my new musical discovery.

Danish band Emma Acs & the Inbred Family have won my heart and praise with their debut album, Champagne, full of lo-fi, psychedelic pop with solid roots in the experimental 60s and 70s. A perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, guitar twangs, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop, the long player whisks us away to a not-so-distant land of bitter-sweet harmony and musical contemplation.

Green Stars & An Orange Sun is my absolute favorite and I really love the strong color contrast in its awkward video. Bright red of Emma's hair and the baptizer's Beatle-ish jacket, pale blue sky over pale blue lake and flashy painting flying through the air, standing out in the dull appearance of the rocky landscape. BTW, someone should tell them that boiling an egg with the power of the sun over the heads is not a good idea. Ah, chaps! According to my friend Juan, the girl in yellow has very sexy, long legs. This is also a reason to check it out, innit?


Alex said...

Interesante descubrimiento, suena curioso.

JT_Hos said...

ya bajé el disco! :D