February 28, 2012

Kamikaze Water Slide

Sometimes a song just fits your mood sooo perfectly that nothing else should really matter. Keep Your Head Up is an excellent self-esteem booster, providing that spark of inspiration and strength to carry on regardless of the obstacles we may face. Its sing-along chorus, full of feelgood lyrics and positive sentiment accompanied with the slick guitar, can only leave you with a smile.

I know, peeps. There have been a whole raft of sensitive boys with acoustic guitars appearing recently and it may seem that there surely can't be room for anymore. But Ben Howard is an artist that every folk fan should make space for in their record collection. Even though this self-taught and left-handed guitarist is still only in his early twenties, he proves maturity and ability through the combination of smooth, beautiful vocals, pensive lyrics and delicate picked guitar lines and the versatility to sound the gentle and atmospheric alongside the faster paced and more motivated.

As far as the video is concerned, it will make you so, so jealous if you're a city dweller. Ben and a few friends work tirelessly here to build the best looking water slide I've ever laid my eyes on. It just never ends! 

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