February 11, 2012

Animated Ilustration

Since some time ago, my friend Álex (illustrator, cartoonist and blogger) and I are seriously considering to build a website where gathering info about independent creators and new trends in all arts disciplines, such as movies, comics, design, music, painting, photography, literature and poetry. In spite of being at the starting point, a relevant number of interested partners are willing to participate in this project. Thus, it's just a question of getting down to it ASAP. Needless to say, I'm utterly excited and enthusiastic about this interesting and motivating stuff. 

In relation to the subject we're on, the clip for Thought Of You by Ryan Woodward was precisely born out of Ryan's desires to connect several of his passions (figurative works, 2D animation, EFX animation and contemporary dance) into one art piece. I'm quite sure you've already seen this awesome video, which made its rounds on the Internet last year, but it's worth taking a look again. From beginning to end, the experience of watching it completely engulfed me in this wonderful story where a graceful moving human form can communicate more emotion that any length of dialogue. Woodward restricts the visuals to simple line tracings. No clean-up or coloring here. Nevertheless, the motion is so fluid and the shapes are so organic and appealing... I literally felt like my body melted when I watched this. Go for it!

You can also check out the making of, where Ryan explains the creative process behind the piece.


Alex said...

You´re absolutely amazing... no more words...
Love you :D

Anna said...

This video is so amazing that you feel like dancing while you're watching it! Also the music is very special. I like it. I like it a lot!