February 8, 2012

Wax & Milk

Theme Park are a four-piece London-based band with a refreshing, easygoing blend of catchy guitar hooks and laid-back summer melodies. The outfit has only been around since the early days of 2011 and they still have a long way to go. However, one should not judge merely by their youth coz with their huge talent and brilliant debut, it's undeniable that their popularity is destined to increase, being widely regarded as one of pop's great hopes for the current year.

Their debut single, Wax, was taken from their EP of the same name, released last summer. This is a nice peaceful tune to have in the background. The video features a lady who goes through lots of pics of the band, subtly introducing us to them. TBH, I was hoping someone would have slipped in an accidental nudey snap, hehe.

Their latest anthem, Milk, was released last December and paves the way for what's set to be a great success which will bring them worldwide stardom. Falsetto vocals and guitar reverb combine with a killer bass line to great affect making the urge to nod along impossible to ignore. 

Check 'em below!

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