February 14, 2012

Cupid's Revenge

Drawing donated by my great friend Álex Brau.  
Further info: http://alex-brau.blogspot.com
Whether I like it or not, today is Valentine's Day, aka <Singles Awareness Day>, which makes me moderately annoyed. Thus, I decided to dedicate this post to all these people who do not believe in love, to these souls that are heavy with sorrow and to all those whose hearts have been violently uprooted from guts.

New York trio School of Seven Bells captures perfectly all the sadness that lost love and blown opportunities imply with their single under the name I L U.

A dreamy piece of shoegazery melancholia over a rippling layer of keyboards, in which singers Alejandra and Claudia Deheza apply their angelic voices mourning the end of a relationship. The tune is equipped with a delightful video featuring realistic marionettes. I really love this simile. When all's said and done, we all are puppets of our lovers.

Well, at least I take comfort in the thought that V 's Day exists today less than ever coz 14-2-12= 0.

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Alex said...

Un diamante en bruto con un sencillo nombre que expresa todo lo que es: Amanda ;D