February 22, 2012

Holy Civilian Fish

Today is my sister's bday and for me there is no better way to honor her than posting one of her tremendous recent musical discoveries:  Wye Oak. Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner are on album number three with the latest release, but are probably not a band at the forefront of most people's minds. Like me perhaps, you know the name and have heard some music but not much else. Well, that's all about to change.

Their combination of boy-girl hymns and dreamy, sometimes shoegazing sonics, have garnered accurate comparisons to Yo La Tengo. Though this sound of ambient chatter quickly washes away by steeled guitar and electronics, making it clear that they still hew closely to 90s indie rock.

It'd be difficult to pick a highlight of this album, but Civilian would certainly rate a mention. This is more like the indie-folk territory that people may have expected from this album and also provides another of the many high points.

Holy Holy bangs along with a thumping drum beat and jagged guitar, pausing mid-song to showcase Wasner’s beautiful vocals, before hauling you back into the midst of the drum line. As Slow Club did before (click here), the band take us on a roller coaster emotional journey. Ok, erm... I think I already told you... I have serious problems with vertigo, so I haven't really watched this vid. I just listened to the song! Crazy, huh?

The last clip I bring you today is the one for Fish, which slows things down, with Wasner and Stack combining forces to lull you in with catchy hooks and delicate vocals. 

Peeps, get ready to let 'em have your attention from beginning to end.


Holy Holy


Here is the link for those who liked the above songs.

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