February 17, 2012


Thanks to my faithful follower Anna, I just recently discovered a new superband called Walk the Moon.

She posted a video for the single Anna Sun (yep, she was probably looking for songs with her own name), which leads us through a maze of a building to a sick house party complete with an eighties costumed dance troupe. And face paint, lots of it. By the end of the clip I was in love with the lead singer's voice / face / dance and I restarted it as soon as it finished. By the moment, I still can't get enough. It's hilariously choreographed, neon-colored and awesomely shot in one take. 

This whole tune always puts me in a great mood and entrances my imagination, making me wanna go out and celebrate being alive with a smile. Although it belongs to their debut album entitled I Want! I Want!, out in November 2010, the official short film was launched last week, together with Anna Sun EP, adding two more songs. 

Remember these bros coz they are responsible for the latest anthem that will live in your head for the next few weeks. Definitely, Walk The Moon is poised to bee-line straight to the top if they continue to crank out gems like this. Believe me when I tell you this is pretty much my favorite discovery this month. Watch and listen below. You won't be disappointed and you will thank me.

If you're willing to hear the rest of their EP, you're lucky. Here are the other two tracks contained in the album. Yay!

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