March 25, 2012


Seriously, folks, I never thought that having a blog was so rewarding. You begin writing about something you're passionate about. Then, assiduous readers who become faithful followers, exchange musical ideas through the site, and bit by bit, conversations are stroke up and interesting relationships are built. However, perhaps the best thing of all for me is to get to meet them in person. And that's what happened yesterday: I met up with Anna, who came to Madrid just for a couple of days. So there we were, on a Saturday night in the heart of the alternative neighborhood of Malasaña, talking endlessly 'bout a vaste catalogue of music. Whoopee!

She's precisely who showed me this awe-inspiring song called Awkward by the Australian indie-poppers San Cisco. From the first moment I heard this tune, I let it sink in a few more times. Hot damn!

When not dazzling me with its killer video, the song hold its own and more. I'm really pleasantly surprised! It is one of the tracks included in their second EP, which was released last February. We can consider their ENTIRE album a true example of the most vigorous blows with a rough low-fi garage pop energy, giving off that super-optimistic feeling of summer and inviting body movement. 

Plus, did I already mention the video is amazing? FYI, WhatsApp and communication probs are the main characters in the story.

Hey, if you wanna dig up and listen to a few more gems, click on the icon below.

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