November 26, 2011

The Return

Dear fellow readers, I know it's been a long time since my last post but that one dag on thing got in the way. So, sorry a lot for having been neglecting you for a while. 

Now, after a loooong awe inspiring and memorable vacation, I'm back with some refreshed and renewed ideas up my sleeve and I'll be releasing a lot of music contributions. Hope you like them!

Start by listening to the next song, which is just perfect for today's post because of its title. Great Vacation is a golden oldie by the band Dirt Poor Robins, consisting of the talented husband and wife team, Neil and Kate Robins, who are self-described on one of their album covers as "cinematic rock". They will enthral you and leave you wanting more, I'm sure about it! Total compositions, more than worthy of gracing thine fine ears. 

Ah! I'd like to thank you everyone for the constant visits to the blog, even though it hasn't been updated for more than a month. Irrelephant is a personal project created from scratch and each additional visit is not due to a promotion among friends but because of you, lurkers, who came up with my site sometime in the past and still are there, supporting me every day. Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

te habíamos echado de meeeeeeeeenos.

kurrukata said...

Y yo a vosotroooooos!!! :)

irrelephant tripper said...

i've never written u bfore but i've been reading ur blog 4 a long time. im glad u're back. c2.

kurrukata said...

I know most of the readers don't usually drop a line, so thanx a lot for your comment. I'm as happy as a clam for having started writting again! :)