November 27, 2011


Today I cannot resist sharing about I am Harlequin, an awesome singer I stumbled upon several days ago while trying to find out similar artists to Lana del Rey. In fact, this video, Because He Loves Them Both, is kike-alike to Kinda Outta Luck  or Video Games  (IMO).

Behind this peculiar name hides Anne Freier, who grew up in East Germany at the end of the GDR regime and moved to London where she had her musical training. Anne has influences that range from classical music, particularly the Russians of the 20th century, such as the great composer & pianist Rachmaninov, to the advanced choir arrangements in Stephen Sondheim musicals, as well as other completely different latest references like Florence + The Machine or CocoRosie. I am Harlequin is epic electro indie pop at its finest. The music embraces a menagerie of instruments to create a bold and intricate sound. Her sophisticated, off-kilter melodies form stirring and unforgettable pop songs.

Watch, listen, and prepare yourself for the goosebumps.


Alguien said...

Excellent! :):)

Anonymous said...

Un gustazo los pequeños ensayos sobre música que nos presentas. Es genial poder sentarme y decidirme a descubrir músicos geniales que, de otro modo, jamás se me hubiera buscar antes, no sólo por pensar "ese no es mi tipo de música" sino por cerrarme a los cuatro grupos que escucho siempre.
Gracias por las recomendaciones tan bien explicadas.
Regalar música, con tanta profundidad es uno de los mayores regalos que se puede hacer a la humanidad. Especialmente cuandode música tan bella se trata. Keep Rocking, Babe!


kurrukata said...

Jo, muchas gracias a ambos. Con comentarios así, una se siente más que motivada para seguir escribiendo.

Peter from Düsseldorf said...

You finally came back :D I missed your posts

kurrukata said...

Dankeschön, Peter!