September 1, 2012

Motion T-Shirts

Something a little funky for the Saturday night build-up? Aiight. Here is my proposal: A tune that purrs with relentless, incandescent beats and street-savvy vocals. A cheeky, optimistic anthem with a knowing glint in its eye, luscious house-grooves and a charming summer sound.

Today I'd like to talk again about Just Jack and another of his awesome clips, Glory Days, where he combines animation and live action in a T-shirt focused short movie. This is something very similar to the popular video for Paris duo Justice's D.A.N.C.E.  Both were released at the same time (April 2007). So who copied who?

As a side note, there are 69 different T-shirts describing visual content from Glory Days  lyrics. As far as Justice is concerned, they were wearing blank ones and they did more than 500 designs on flat and 2-D graphics, which they had to animate (sorry for revealing the secret).

Just Jack - Glory Days

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

After these vids were launched, a list of funny starwars t-shirts appeared on the internet to great fanfare and consequently, loads of people making their own stories based on clothing illustrations. Here you have a great example, entitled T-shirt War  (click the button below). Haha, contrary to what it might seem, this is not about people bashing each other up with this kind of garments. You'll see now what I'm talking about. Ah! You should know that in this case, the designs were not photoshopped. They are real shirts for each frame of animation. Enjoy!


Anna Pitarch said...

I love Justice's T-shirts!! I don't know where I can found them :S

kurrukata said...

@Anna, I found this website (shipping and delivery from Spain to Spain):