November 26, 2012

They Only Have To Hold The (Koda)Line

You may have seen Kodaline's All I Want on YouTube. Almost a quarter of a million people have. Not exactly Gangnam Style statistics, but still, pretty impressive for a debut single. It's the lead track from the Dublin quartet's EP and the video is a real tear-jerker, a beauty-and-the-beast melodrama with a happy ending (don't be rude). On first listen, Bon Iver came to mind, as All I Want is filled with beautiful harmonies and melancholy lyrics of lost love and heartache. The video will definitely tug at your heartstrings and captures the essence of the songs so perfectly. If you don't cry or at least get misty-eyed watching it, you're dead inside. You're a hollowed out husk of a human being. You're probably not even a human being. Watch, weep, re-watch. 

With an album due out early next year, these boys could be set for a very big 2013. We're gonna hear a lot more from this band. You'll see!

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