December 12, 2011

The Bogeyman

Vetusta Morla is easily among the frontrunners for album of the year in Spain (so far). But what I find most compelling about this six-member rock band is the seemingly endless energy in their incredible live shows. I've seen them in two nearly two-hour-long gigs and I have no words to say how fairly mesmerizing they are on stage, charming the audience with their banter and charisma.

As much as I'm a fan of music videos, I'm also quite fickle. They need to instantly grab my attention, entice me to want to see more. They can't just rely on a nice tune or some special effects. I want the whole package! And the real fact is that Vetusta Morla's motion pictures are always fully shabby. Nevertheless, the fast-paced B&W clip for their song El Hombre Del Saco (aka The Bogeyman), is definitely somewhat disconcerting and weird, but it contains an underlying message about the current economic situation and the thriving cult of greed and power. Ah, don't worry if you can not understand a word of the lyrics in Spanish; the images speak for themselves.

Take a peek below!


If you don't want them to leave you hanging too long, go to Spotify already.

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