December 26, 2011

Passengers On Board

Flight Facilities have been stirring up a fuss for a couple of years thanks to some uber-tasty and catchy remixes. However, I must confess I didn't hear anything from them until I got a special reco direct from Chile. So I decided to pop this in and voilà.

The identity of the great artists behind this outfit remains mysterious and there's no chance of prying that information out of them. 

All I've been able to glean from Internet searching is that they're an Australian based production duo, and they named themselves Flight Facilities because they're both aeronautical engineers at Sydney Airport. But Jack and Meg White said they were siblings, so who knows if they are telling the truth!

Crave You, their successful sleepy-eyed debut, was launched nearly a year ago. This track, about unobtainable love, full of lust and sex -ermm, I mean, SAX-, has an official video with a girl that looks very much like a boy and a girl that very much looks like a girl. Lovely.

Nevertheless, my fave one is the recently-released Foreign Language, a equally smooth and groovy tune whose vid takes back us to 70's era bombshells with a trailer-style montage of speedboat driving, gun-slinging,  bikini wearing, mustache donning and enjoyably melodramatic glances at the camera. Watching this mixture of James Bond, Baywatch and Miami Vice references made me forget I was watching a music video.


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