July 3, 2011

Playing Dice

It's been ages since my dearest friend Uri introduced me to the wondrous music of Finley Quaye. Never in my life have I heard an artist so many times, to the point that I knew all the lyrics and chords by heart! Had I written this post three or four years ago, I'd have shown you very good material about him, since today I started looking for some clips and unpublished tunes which, to my great surprise, have disappeared from the Internet.

Among all his brilliant songs, the one that has been beamed more times into my brain is Dice, whose video I cannot find anywhere. I'm sure it will sound familiar to many of you for being part of The O.C. soundtrack, a TV series from which I've never seen an episode. On Finley's myspace, one could find zillion versions of this uber-catchy tune, including a classical music variant and a reggae-acoustic fusion track. I hope you get satisfied with the following editions collected from various sources. I haven't taken into account techno remixes due to moral principles, haha.

1. Original Version
2. Layo & Bushwacka V.
3. Berth Orton V.
4. Instrumental Version
5. William Orbit V.
6. Sean Green V.

Click spotify logo for further songs.

1 comment:

jke said...

Finley Quaye.

This is my music for when I am in love and have a moment of serendipity. Imagine I didn't even know "Dice" - only have his maverick a strike album, maybe that's why.

Now let me head over to Spotify to starrrrrrr the entire album. Eh!