July 12, 2011

A Magical But Dangerous Story

Swedish electro-pop makers, The Sound of Arrows, launched the beautiful track M.A.G.I.C. all the way back in January 2009, but just recently released the stunning video you see above. Usually if a band spends getting on for three years fiddling around with a song, the end result will be so bloated that it loses any spark that once made it brilliant. Somehow they've made their tune even better.

At the beginning, you might think it's a song by Pet Shop Boys, but it's slowly gaining strength with the addition of a young chanting school class.

Set in a world where all the adults have disappeared, the two main characters roam free across their Spanish city, before eventually stumbling upon a hidden enclave of magical creatures who become their friends and protectors. This short movie brings to mind the enchanting mystery of Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth, the fearsome-looking monsters from Where The Wild Things Are, the gorgeous settings and landscapes from The Neverending Story and the playful imagination of Pixar 's creations. It foshotally will make you want to be a kid again! Watch it after the break.

But, apart from this delightful video, another good reason why everyone should know about The Sounds Of Arrows is the marvelous little gem of song below. I've made a playlist adding a pair of amazing covers of the original version. Enjoy this mini-compilation!


kurrukata said...

In the end, they don't seem too much worried about their missing parents!

Anonymous said...

thanks for introduced me to the sound of arrow!!! :) finally i found your blog again after a long time of searching.

kurrukata said...

Hey, you're very welcome!
What makes me absobloodylutely happy is that someone can find useful what I post.
I'm just curious, where do you read me from? :)
I hope you don't lose again the link from this page! ;)