July 31, 2011

Young Cat Purring

Kitten is a name I have heard causally throughout my latest Internet ventures. They are a newbie rock quartet based in LA, fronted by Chloe Chaidez, who has already been around for a few years even though she's only sixteen. Gosh! It beggars belief that she started her first band at the mere age of ten, and by the age of eleven she already had the honor of sharing the stage with an impressive list of her peers. MidlakeYoung The Giant and Band of Horses to name just a few. Yeah, by the time she was ELEVEN! What is more, three of the four band members are under 21. So there have been times when the younger band members haven't been able to stay in the venue after the show!

Despite being together for less than a year, these youngsters must be doing something right cuz they've begun to cause a stir and the music industry is buzzin' over them. Indeed, they've been recognized as one of the most promising young bands, receiving comparisons to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cat Power and The Killers.

Now check their video for Chinatown  off their debut EP, Sunday School, which came out last October and is now starting to pick up some pace. The short film makes use of very beautiful rotoscoping techniques and image loops. You're going to freak out!

Obsessed now too? Thought so.
Take a peek below to hear their entire album.

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