July 26, 2011

Quarrels Between Brothers

Over the years, the most well-known britpop  exponents themselves have drifted apart or taken new music directions teaming up for new bands. Gorillaz by Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon new solo stuff are the results from the former members of Blur, Supergrass mainman started his new outfit The Hot Rats, and ex-Pulp frontman began a solo career.

How Gallagher got to this point is already chapter and verse to fans. Oasis had existed under the thumb of Liam's brother and the band's main songwriter Noel. One fraternal backstage fight too many, this time over who ate the last M&M (Noel did, according to Liam), led Noel to finally quit after eighteen years. The rest of the band quickly decided to carry on, in much the same classic Brit rock vein. Liam and Noel haven't spoken since.

There's some of you out there who will think this is just a holding pattern until they finally reconcile. But let's face it, Oasis in its later years became a caricature of itself and probably didn't deliver much in the way it used to do more than a decade ago. So try to stop "looking back in anger" for an Oasis reunion and start looking forward to what these new projects cook up next.


Noel Gallagher's new single The Death Of You And Me has been premiered online just A FEW HOURS AGO. The former Oasis guitarist is about to release his first self-titled project entitled Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds on October 17. It will be his first material since the Manc band split in August 2009. Besides, he's revealed that another as-yet untitled album will be dropped in 2012. 
Regarding to the track, he's denied that it is about his relationship with brother Liam, instead saying that it is "about feeling safe in your surroundings". The video clip was apparently filmed in the desert outside LA.

The Death Of You And Me


Meanwhile, Liam announced shortly after the breakup of the band that he and former Oasis band members had written new material as part of a new project under the name Beady Eye. One year later, they released their first single entitled Bring the Light, as a taster for Different Gear, Still Speeding, a full-lenght CD which definitely saw the light of day in February 2011. 
These Brit blokes recently told they are recording new material and hope to drop a new, sophomore album towards the summer of 2012. So keep ready cuz the continuing struggle between brothers to become the kings of britpop has just been restarted.

Four Letter Word



jke said...

Dude, are you serious about this question? Of course, NOEL! I actually disliked Oasis in the 1990s because of this prick Liam.

Seriously, Oasis were Noel + band to me.

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