July 18, 2011


As a Spaniard, I have the good fortune to be in vogue. Ahem! Well, okay... I mean, at least many current band names involve Spanish words... See for yourself!

      Tristeza                                                    The Delgados
   (meaning "sadness")                                                                        (meaning "the slims")      
                Golden Hill                                     Coming In From The Cold   

                  Desaparecidos                                   Yo La Tengo 
                    (meaning "the ones who disappeared")                                              (meaning "i have it")
                Man & Wife, The Latter                                  Center Of Gravity

                Los Campesinos                            El Perro Del Mar
                              (meaning "the peasants")                                                             (meaning "the sea dog")
            Death To Los Campesinos!                             Change Of Heart

Do you know any more outfits than these? Leave your comment below!


kurrukata said...

I also want to mention the Belgian band "Vaya Con Dios" (meaning "go with God"). I haven't included it because it's a completely different genre. Even though it rocks! In fact, I rather like this one to "Desaparecidos", but it's alrite.

jke said...

La Vela Puerca
Los Mas Turbados

Although these two aren't in my "Alternative" folder. So it doesn't count, right?

Oh, and btw: Tristeza & El Perro del Mar = ♥

NoahSCa said...

Madrugada !

kurrukata said...

@jke "La Vela Puerca" is from Uruguay (where Spanish is spoken) and "Los Más Turbados" are from the north of Spain. So no good answers, I'm afraid. I bet you don't know what does "Los Masturbados" mean, hehe.

@NoahSCa High five! BTW, they sound really great! Thx!! :)

jke said...

True, Madrugada....rings a bell, ex 1999. But it's a Norwegian band, right? Or is this about bands with Spanish names but other-than-Spanish-lyrics? Coz there are some Spanish bands in your list. Confusing.

Hola a todo el mundo!

not alternative, but...:
Heroes del Silencio

kurrukata said...

@jke All of them are non-Spanish speaking bands:
Tristeza = USA
The Delgados = Scotland
Desaparecidos = USA
Yo La Tengo = USA
Los Campesinos = Wales
El Perro Del Mar = Sweden

Thus, "Pantera" and "Turbonegro" are ok. "Sepultura" is from Brazil and it's also the Portuguese word for "grave".

ben_walker said...

Soltero means Single in Spanish, doesn't it?

kurrukata said...

@ben_walker Yeah, you're rite!