July 16, 2011

And There Was Light

I want to take this time to thank Carlos for his music reco, Dark Dark Dark, which floats around aimlessly in my head. This Minneapolis-based chamber-folk sextet bring together disparate influences including New Orleans jazz, Americana, Eastern European folk and pop. Some of their songs cud even conjure comparisons to British folk oldies and French accordion music.

TBH, listening to them it's like being introduced to something completely new that you are familiar with. It's a hard feeling to describe! Part of its instant appeal is the central presence of (mostly) lead vocalist Nona Invie, who precisely appears naked on the cover of the second full-length, Wild Go, with her back to the camera and her face turned toward the viewer. She seems to rebuke us for seeing her in this state of undress, doesn't she?

With one pass, this band pull the listener forward into their world of soft rhythm and enchanting vocals. It will find a place in the collections of those seduced by the indie-folk of Laura Marling. There are also hints of Beirut in some tunes! Dark Dark Dark couldn't be moving more resolutely towards the light.

Click on the next button to immediate download of the album. It's not to be missed so get on it!


Super8 said...

thanks for your blog. is very interesting. I really like this group..jejejeje...


kurrukata said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por las sugerencias musicales!