July 29, 2011

Music Soothes the Beast Within

Klaus & Kinski has become one of the most prominent bands of the Spanish indie scene. I must confess though, that I don't quite understand such enthusiasm. Indeed, these are the (only) two songs I really like:

The singer's voice is so mellow and soothing to listen to that it manages to transport the listener into a dream state in which a parallel reality is happening while their body rests peacefully on the seat.  In other words, you fall asleep. And I'm not kidding! My sister took a long nap in one of their concerts. I guess that's why they put so much effort into astonishing videos, trying to keep the viewer alert, which will remain flabbergasted in front of the screen. Totally bizarre and absurd short stories full of symbolism thanks to which their crazy lyrics acquire meaning. None of these clips will leave you indifferent, for sure!

Forma, Sentido Y Realidad

Ley Y Moral

Who knows, maybe you do love them or maybe you are looking for some background music to calm nerves. Just give it a listen and form your own opinions. 

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kurrukata said...

If you pay attention to the second video, you will be able to learn how to make a traditional Spanish paella!