July 25, 2011

An Industrious Creature

I had never heard of Ham Sandwich before their video clip for Ants  landed in my inbox, but after watching the inventive saga set to the soothing duel vocals of Niamh Farrell and Podge McNamee, I'll definitely be checking out more from this oddly named band. McNamee's low baritone reminds me a lot of The National frontman Matt Berninger, while the inclusion of a female vocalist to the mix produces a unique result that I'm really digging.

The ant has long been a symbol of hard work and diligence, but let's let the facts speak for themselves. In the video the mighty one with many talents cooks dinner and pours wine while waiting for his date. Ok, now my suggestion for the producers and the casting director: on your next clip, pls, try to look for a smaller ant or failing that, a tiny spider, because everyone knows that the camera puts on weight. Thus, it seems a cockroach rather than an ant. Yuuuck! 

Ham Sandwich - Ants

You will be able to listen to more songs from this outfit by clicking on next link.

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