July 13, 2011

The Bearded Bard

Sex, death, booze, pretty flowers, prettier girls; these are the subjects of an average Bigott song, with all of the obsessions and neuroses that use to accompany them. But, who's this hairy guy? 

Somewhere in between the upfront vocal solidness of Beirut and the background textures of Iron and Wine, Bigott is one of Spain's most prolific artists and one of our best kept secrets. If it wasn't for his roots in traditional music (he adds the strings of the Spanish guitar) anyone cud think that this inspired folk-rock singer-songwriter is a native from the depths of Kentucky. BTW, the nickname Bigott comes from "bigote", meaning "moustache" in Spanish. 

His last LP entitled This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship, has a wry and provocative tone which is set from the album's very first lyric, << I said to the doctor " Can you help me with my Mum? " And he said " Oh, your Mum is out of tune."  >> Such a statement can't help but exhibit an equal amount of shock and intrigue out of the listener.

Other highlighted tracks contained in the record are the charming and catchy Cool Singer Wedding, the chipper and most cynical piece Sparkle Motion, or the José González-but-way-more-fun vibe of Pachanga. If you're into folk and nice handlebars, you'll love Bigott!  

Sparkle Motion


For those eager to find out more about this charismatic troubadour click on the Spotify  icon.


jke said...

I know you Spaniards will hate me for this, but his music actually reminds me of Adam Green.

Only with the difference that Bigott's tunes are starred in my Spotify account. Nice one!

kurrukata said...

Why should we become so very offended because of the comparison with Adam Green? I like him!