July 8, 2011


I'd like you to say hello to my new musical crush, French electro-pop duo The Shoes, whose debut album, Crack My Bones, was released this past spring. I spotted a piece of them a few weeks ago with their single Wastin Time and even then I was taken aback. I found that they were sweet, warm and comforting. That is pretty much what the entire record is like.

Wastin Time, is a sort of touching ballad backed with chilled bass line, sleepy harmonies and pretty piano sections. It's filled with energy but not overwhelming. It's gorgeous. I truly believe it's a promising and excellent first step for The Shoes. Besides, the amazing visuals for the video, shot in slow-motion, create an entirely magical contemplative atmosphere. Grab a glimpse and feel the summer breeze through your ears right here:

Below I've put up with all of the tracks from the album, so you can hear it yourself. It provides enough variety to get everyone grooving at some point or another. In fact, when one has been completely lulled into Wastin Time 's hypnotic trance, the band follow it up with the aptly titled song Time To Dance.


jke said...

Gefällt mir sehr gut!

kurrukata said...

Also ich finde diese Musik sehr schön für den Sommer, nicht wahr?

jke said...

Yes! "Crack My Bones" also reminds me of "Lykke Li - I follow Rivers" + a New Order song from the 1990s. Good band.

kurrukata said...

Wow, Lykke Li!!! I saw her live recently and she put on a great show.