July 6, 2011

Air Guitars

Ever since rock music was born, many people all over the world have been playing air guitar while listening to their favorite bands on the stereo. One could think that mock playing an imaginary instrument is synonymous with youngsters. Nevertheless, the practice of it is certainly recognizable. Yet, most performers, viewers and inquisitors don't realize that the air guitar has its own unique history, which spans TV and international championships. Yes, you read that right... There's an official competition for the best air guitar player! (Click here). No matter if it is an electric/acoustic guitar, a lute, a kitara, a banjo, an ukelele or a mandolin as long as one plays it well. Becoming an expert requires lots of practice. No need to convince the musicians starring next video! BTW, anybody else think that the bloke crawling on the ground is just a bit creepy? 


Prior to his success as a solo artist, José González fronted an indie-rock band in the late '90s called Junip. Despite being practically dormant since 1999, the singer-songwriter regrouped with his former band mates last year to record a full-length album, Fields. Having been a fan of this Swedish guy for some time and hearing about this new stuff, it was a foregone conclusion I'd give it a try. All I can say is that every track from the record is easily missed on first listen. They are almost hypnotist!

The other band members may dislike being known as Jose's backing band, but when the sound between this band and Jose's solo work is so similar it is inevitable these comparisons will be made. Junip gets a lot of exposure off the back of Jose's earlier success (this is how I heard of this album for example) and they shouldn't knock it.

Definitely, Fields is an ideal tittle for a fruitful album, huh? I truly believe they already predicted its great success. 

Added bonus: This is a nice article about air guitars. Check it out and get yourself a few laughs!

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