July 30, 2011

Kaleidoscopic Dance

When it comes to innovative and visually mesmerizing videos, the truth is no one better than OK Go. Their releases have always been a major event ever since Here it Goes Again, a massive global YouTube hit, where group members jumped and slid along four treadmills. Frankly, this is quite an achievement considering further that the band does not have a big budget, but they do not have dollar make up for in great inventiveness. Making a brilliant, creative and quirky music video is totally expected at this point, right? 

The Chicago-based band is passionate about choreography and intricate dance steps, and hence have become quite famous for including complex visual routines in their productions. Well, in this regard they continue to impress with their latest stuff for the song All Is Not Lost, from an EP that will be dropped on August 9.

Would first have to explain that the group created a mini site to present this project. Apart from the video, you can see a couple of recordings behind the scenes in which the band explains that this clip is actually a kind of letter love for Japan, the result of a joint desire to support this country and its people after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11.

The visual element of this effort from OK Go is all about footwork, as the band dons skin-tight bodysuits and is engaged in a perfectly orchestrated dance, walking, crawling, bending and rolling on a transparent glass-like screen, joining forces with contemporary dance group Pilobolus to create a series of human-body effects with the soles of their bare feet. The beauty of the thing is, while the dancers create their shapes, the video is divided into numerous screens that change position and size to the music and to accompany the dance. Watching it is really like looking through a kaleidoscope! Amazing? Yeah! Wait, here comes my fave part: Interactivity, as the watcher is able to embed a personal message and have the band dance it out. I already did mine and I can tell you the interactive version is pretty nifty and definitely worth fiddling around with. Seriously, give it a whirl!

You can enjoy the full interactive experience here

Ah! It's important to note that the interactive edition is only accessible through the Chrome browser. So, for those who aren't running it, here's the standard video without the personal messaging.

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