July 9, 2011

Drawing Class

French musicians seem to be hard-wired to produce amazing cool synth and electronica sounds. The latest to become remixer de rigueur is Breakbot, which is actually the alias of French DJ and producer, Thibaut Berland. To tell you the truth, I wasn't quite certain what to expect when I hit play and started listening to Fantasy, his last single released two months ago. And it came as a great surprise to me that it offered a return to disco music from the 80s with funky bass lines. Oh, and on that note, vocals come from Ruckazoid, a singer that sounds like Michael Jackson.

With regard to the clip, the premise is simple: a classroom full of art students get their minds blown by the young model that slinks into their life drawing class. One guy's mind wanders deep into fantasy until he's shaken back to reality.

Everytime I see this short film I remember my oil painting lessons I used to take a whole lotta years ago, when we had nude and semi-nude models posing for us. In first year, everyone felt uncomfortable staring at them, when they stepped up on the platform and removed their robes, but after a few classes it became totally natural and no one would bat an eye. Phew! I cud talk the hind legs off a donkey... Ok, here is the video! Watch out for a cameo from Breakbot himself as an art student (he's the one wearing white tube socks). 

Along the way, the clip director pays tribute to the classic video Take On Me  by the Norwegian pop trio A-Ha, which features the band in a pencil-sketch animation combined with live-action. Click the icon for watching it. Be aware you'll be humming this song all day long. Don't hate me for that!

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