July 10, 2011

(Literally 500) Days Of...

There are love stories that mark us for life and with which we could create endless soundtracks containing tunes that remind us of certain situations experienced with that person. This is a non-random selection of a huge amount of songs. Each track has been carefully selected for some reason.

Some films seem to be inspired on one's life. Has this ever happened to you? If you haven't seen the movie (500) Days Of Summer, I highly recommend you do. That's one of my faves! Contrary to what you might think, it's not a chick flick or the typical romantic story. I'm sure you'll like it! If you've already watched it, you know what I'm talking about.

Now, it's time for the original motion picture soundtrack. I wish the album would have included the PixiesHere Comes Your Man (instead of the cover by Meaghan Smith), but oh well. I added it to the album in my iPod, so I win. Simply put, the playlist is almost as good as the movie, which affected me and was something I cud relate to and take something out of. 


jke said...

1. LURKERS! Come out and comment. I can't be the only one around here for f sake!

2. Los Planetas. More pls!

3. I am yet to meet someone who manages to put a soundtrack on top of a relationship! Sure, there are a few songs here and there that are shared, but nailing the ultimate top 10-30 list is an achievement already.

kurrukata said...

1. I'm afraid you're the only one interested in these crazy posts. Thanks for your feedback!

2. The truth is that Los Planetas have been circumstantially chosen... TBH, I dont like them at all!

3. In that case, you'd create your own playlist as well. Challenge!! ;)