July 7, 2011

Fork, Knife...

Spoon is a cool Austin-based indie-rock band whose presence on-stage has been constant for eighteen years. Their songs have been featured in a whole lotta TV series (that's how I found them) such as Scrubs, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Numb3rs and House. Besides, they are among a very privileged few, who have one of their tunes appearing in an episode of The Simpsons.

What I bring you today is an interesting video, to say the least. Japanese people who invent everything! So now open your eyes (and ears) and lose yourself in the rhythm of the music!

Don't You Evah

The original version of this stunning track was launched the previous year (2007) by The Natural History. There are many great covers of the tune included in a compilation CD from Spoon, though. Still no matter how great a song is, are you going to want to listen to it seven times in a row?

What keeps the mentioned EP from becoming one big blur is that the re-mixers highlight different elements of the song. Thus, Ted Leo's mix concentrates mainly on the drums, adding massive echo to them. On the other hand, The Diplo's edition adds synths to the tune and changes the rhythm dramatically. The Matthew Dear's cover is closer to the electronic sound. And The Natural History's version is a bit rockier than Spoon's. If someone was not really paying attention, they might not even realize that all the tracks are the same melody!! Ok, now I challenge you to spot the difference and tell me which one you like better!

Ted Leo - I Want It Hotter - Mix
Diplo Mix
Matthew Dear Mix
DJ Amaze & Alan Astor Mix
Doc Delay Fixerupper Mix
Natural History Original Version

But I don't want you to remain the only idea of this single. The band has loads of cool tunes and these are just some examples:

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